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Cooler Master MH630 Headset Review

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Headset Performance

I used the Fiio E10 USB DAC to test the headset.

Hearing the MH630 headphones for the first time I was quite surprised that they were able to portray a pretty impressive amount of detail for a budget gaming headset. The mid-range is a bit recessed which makes for a more V-shaped sound signature. The headset is capable of reproducing the low frequencies pretty well. Moreover, the sub-bass is pretty good as you can hear deep notes well. The mid-bass is not very prominent so ardent bass heads won’t be happy but the flat mid-bass means heavy bass tracks won’t fatigue you. The MH630 can portray bass very quickly and you can easily keep track of bass instruments even in very fast-paced music. A pretty solid bass performance.

Mid-Range and Treble

The mid-range as I mentioned is slightly recessed so vocals are not as prominent. However, the vocal performance is decent but recessed vocals mean that at times while listening to songs the vocals get a bit drowned out by the other instruments. So to sum up not the best vocal performance but a decent performance nevertheless.

Treble performance is slightly sharp but thankfully never sibilant. There is a good amount of detail retrieval for a headphone of this class. If I switch to my reference planar magnetic HE4xx headphones the differences in detail retrieval is quite low which is quite a feat considering the price difference between the two headphones.

Soundstage Performance

The biggest surprise I had is the sound stage. For a closed headphone, the sound stage was pretty expansive and instrument separation was among the best I have heard. The very impressive performance which helps the performance of the headset for figuring out where enemies are and in which direction you are taking fire from. Similarly for movie watching the excellent soundstage and good bass performance help the Cooler Master MH630 to give you an enjoyable experience and I enjoyed my time with these headphones.

I have switched from my more expensive HE4xx not because the HE4xx isn’t a good headphone. Its because these are almost as good for a fraction of the price and are lighter and more comfortable to use for a long session. Truly commendable performance.

The headset works well with my phone boot since it uses a normal 3.5mm jack and they are very easy to drive to boot.

Microphone Performance

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