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Disclosure: The MH630 is loaned by Cooler Master for review purpose.

The story behind the MH630…

CoolerMaster has a pretty extensive line up of gaming headphones like the MH751 that was reviewed earlier. Like that headset, the Cooler Master MH630 headset is also a Takstar OEM which is a good thing considering Takstar makes good headsets.

The Cooler Master MH630 is a headphone without a DAC. Consequently, it doesn’t have any fancy RGB lighting and effects. If you love to have RGB bling on a headset, this isn’t for you. But the MH630 has everything else you could ask for- a detachable cable, built-in volume control and a detachable microphone. Since the Cooler Master MH630 has a 3.5mm jack it works great on almost anything you can connect it to. Moreover, there is also a splitter to enable you to connect it to a source that has a separate mic input.


Product NameMH630
Model NumberMH630
Frequency Response15-25,000Hz
Sensitivities (@1KHz)107dB ± 3dB
Cable Length1.5m 3.5mm connector, 0.3m 3.5m to dual 3.5mm cable
Connector3.5mm 4-pole jack
Headband MaterialSteel and plastic headband, Mesh fabric and foam cushion
Ear Cushion MaterialMesh fabric and foam cushion
Pick-up PatternOmni-directional
Frequency Response50 – 18,000Hz
Sensitivity (@ 1kHz)-40 ± 3dB (@ 1KHz)
Signal to Noise Ratio50dB or more
Microphone TypeDetachable flexible microphone
Dimensions (mm/inch)192 x 85.5 x 191.5 mm / 7.59 x 3.37 x 7.54 inches
Weight304g / 0.67 lbs (Including Cable)
Weight (without Cable) 278g / 0.61 lbs (without Cable)
Warranty2 years


The MH630 has quite a decent package. The headphone comes in a standard dark grey box with a splash of purple like almost every other Cooler Master headset box these days. You get just the headset without any wires and you can then attach the cable to connect the headphones as well as the detachable mic. The headphone cable is of pretty decent build quality. The cable is braided and sturdy enough to discourage tangling not to mention the best part that it is user-replaceable.

Added features

The mic is detachable. The volume control is built on the headset which I found to be a better position than being a part of the wire which can cause connection issues.

Headphone cups

The headphone cups are medium in size. They just about cover your ears and the clamping force is minimal which makes for comfortable listening but noise suppression isn’t great. I can, for instance, hear my wife complain about the amount of time I game very clearly!!

The cups can be swivelled 45 degrees for easy carrying but you can’t flip the cups 180 degrees around like a DJ.


Headset Performance

I used the Fiio E10 USB DAC to test the headset.

Hearing the MH630 headphones for the first time I was quite surprised that they were able to portray a pretty impressive amount of detail for a budget gaming headset. The mid-range is a bit recessed which makes for a more V-shaped sound signature. The headset is capable of reproducing the low frequencies pretty well. Moreover, the sub-bass is pretty good as you can hear deep notes well. The mid-bass is not very prominent so ardent bass heads won’t be happy but the flat mid-bass means heavy bass tracks won’t fatigue you. The MH630 can portray bass very quickly and you can easily keep track of bass instruments even in very fast-paced music. A pretty solid bass performance.

Mid-Range and Treble

The mid-range as I mentioned is slightly recessed so vocals are not as prominent. However, the vocal performance is decent but recessed vocals mean that at times while listening to songs the vocals get a bit drowned out by the other instruments. So to sum up not the best vocal performance but a decent performance nevertheless.

Treble performance is slightly sharp but thankfully never sibilant. There is a good amount of detail retrieval for a headphone of this class. If I switch to my reference planar magnetic HE4xx headphones the differences in detail retrieval is quite low which is quite a feat considering the price difference between the two headphones.

Soundstage Performance

The biggest surprise I had is the sound stage. For a closed headphone, the sound stage was pretty expansive and instrument separation was among the best I have heard. The very impressive performance which helps the performance of the headset for figuring out where enemies are and in which direction you are taking fire from. Similarly for movie watching the excellent soundstage and good bass performance help the Cooler Master MH630 to give you an enjoyable experience and I enjoyed my time with these headphones.

I have switched from my more expensive HE4xx not because the HE4xx isn’t a good headphone. Its because these are almost as good for a fraction of the price and are lighter and more comfortable to use for a long session. Truly commendable performance.

The headset works well with my phone boot since it uses a normal 3.5mm jack and they are very easy to drive to boot.

Microphone Performance


Overall opinion about the MH630…

The Cooler Master MH630 is a very nice headset for its price point and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the headset which is saying a lot considering I am used to listening to more expensive headphones daily.

The headset shines when it comes to either gaming or movie watching and even music listening as a matter of fact. With a 3.5mm jack, the headset can be connected to a wide variety of devices like your gaming console, PC, phone, TV, etc etc without any issues. Feature-wise its got everything you could ask for like a detachable cable, detachable microphone and a volume controller.

This is the sort of headphone that makes it easy to recommend to anyone as it has no real flaw. The only reason you may wish to bypass this headset is if you love RGB lighting effects as the MH630 lacks them. Also, some people who game on multiple PCs prefer a headset with a built-in DAC to ensure consistent audio performance regardless of what system you use the headset on. The Cooler Master MH630 is an excellent headset and worthy of z recommendation.


Recommended Award for Cooler Master MH630



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