Cooler Master MH751 Gaming Headset Review

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The CM MH751 is a decent sounding headset but it doesn’t stand out for its sound quality. However, it is still a solid package as you get a well-built headphone with user-replaceable cables and a detachable microphone. The MH751 headset is the most comfortable headset I have heard in a long time and for extended gaming sessions that is very good to have feature.

This isn’t the USB version so you should have a reasonably good soundcard if you want to make full use of the headset. Also, it lacks the very in-demand RGB lighting effects so if you like your gaming headset with some bling this doesn’t have any of that.

However, if you want a nice well built comfortable headset with good sound with good to have features like user-replaceable cable and detachable mic then the CM MH751 should be on your shortlist.

Another point I should mention is that I have had three older headphones die as the built-in USB DAC failed and now those headphones have been sent to the thrash. Since the MH751 has a detachable cable and no electronics which can fail you can probably use the MH751 for a far longer time than any headphone with a built-in USB DAC. That said music lovers, people with poor onboard sound cards and people who want some fancy RGB lighting effects should look elsewhere.

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Cooler Master has been in peripheral business for a long time, especially with regularly releasing newer keyboards and headsets. The Cooler Master CK550 and the MH751 are two good examples. The gaming peripheral market is over-crowded and yet it manages to sell. The last mouse I've reviewed from Cooler Master is the Alcor and the Mizar. I loved the Alcor optical mouse. It was an agile mouse with all the switches places in reachable areas and I wanted more was the grips the Laser mouse Mizar. This wasn't the only brand that had this point of view at the time since everyone was in the race to push laser sensors and the next best thing. I never really understood why optical sensors were considered less premium to justify lesser premium features when it was hassle-free, compared to laser sensors of certain makes that had quirks that took some firmware and sensor updates implemented by the manufacturer. Logitech was one of the gaming peripheral makers that was the first to jump aboard with its MX series. For some reason, it ditched the MX branding under G series- and now brought it back.

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