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CoolerMaster Seidon 240M Closed Loop CPU Cooler Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Specifications
  3. Packaging and Contents
  4. Motherboard Clearance and Mounting Mechanism
  5. Test Bench and Testing Methodology
  6. Benchmarks and Observations
  7. Conclusion

With the recent explosion of “All In One” CPU liquid coolers on the market and even during Computex 2013, its hard to distinguish between the performance that they offer especially when all most all of these units have one of two OEM’s i.e. either Asetek or CoolIT make up for the vast majority of these rebranded pieces. Today, I am reviewing Coolermaster’s Seidon 240M.

CoolerMaster added that they’ve designed the CPU block/pump (no word about the radiator). So lets see how CM’s first foray into building there own pump/block unit goes. As with most coolers that I test, I will put the Seidon 240M through its paces in both stock & overclocked scenarios.


  1. extremely high possibility that F12 works well with pull configuration? i find it strange why cant cm bundle decent enough fans with their cases and coolers when infact other cooler companies are able to do so. heck even noctua uses their premium fans on their cpu coolers and its reasonable considering the premium those fans carry alone…

    1. I dont think the F12’s would perform any better in pull. The CM fans are good performers but they do get noisy. The main reason noctua can provide good fans is because they are as focused on fans as they are on coolers, something that cm is not. But none the less, i would like to see a quieter set of fans in the next revision.

    2. wow i never knew its like that i thought corsair stuff is good….
      so this is available in india for 8200 rupees with 2 years warranty should i buy this over h100i or should i wait for something better????

      1. I didn’t say Corsair is bad. I wouldn’t do that irrespective of communication we had or any acquisations one throws behind one’s back. That’s the difference that I prefer to maintain unlike certain writers. Its just that the management prefers to think otherwise.

  2. why dont u corsair stuff anymore???? possible to compare this with h100i???? plzz reply!

    1. I would love to review Corsair stuff, however they do NOT want to send us anything for review anymore, and hence the deadlock.

    2. we would like that, but alas they want to be in touch with asskissers who will write the way they will look good and cannot stand cons and/or criticisms. they offered an ‘exclusive’ review of a corsair dominator platinum kit provided that we do tests the way they want it to be, and I simply declined. Since then, no communication.

    1. Swiftech were already contacted sometime back, so if they wish to send samples I am sure Moksh wouldn’t mind revieweing them, though doing a H320 review in a closed case considering would be bit difficult, considering the closed case that we use allows 2x 120mm radiators.

      We’ll find some solution for that, if possible.

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