Cooler Master SL600M PC Chassis Review

  1. A different PC Case called the Cooler Master SL600M!
  2. PC Case Overview- External
  3. PC Case Overview- Internal (Part 1)
  4. PC Case Overview- Internal (Part 2)
  5. Installation Experience and Conclusion
  6. Online Purchase Links

PC Case Overview- Internal

The SL600M’s airflow philosophy is somewhere between a conventional case and the Silverstone RV02. While both cases have the front panel PSU mounting, Cooler Master did not flip the motherboard layout. Since the ‘front’ fans are on the base, the air blows directly to the PCIe cards. This is good for GPUs and PCIe cards like the Elgato Game Capture 4K60 Pro MK2 that does tend to get heated during video input, encoding and local storage in 4K at 60FPS. Sure, many conventional PC cases do have a base fan, but when was the last time you’ve seen someone using it effectively?

Front Panel Area

The front panel is easily removable. But they’re clipped from the inside. Once removed, you’ll find two mounting access for storage drives, conveniently shaped for mechanical HDDs. It’s best to use the lower section for HDD cage first as the upper section is where the power supply’s fan tries to pull the air from. It is not sure where the air for the power supply would be coming from. But there is plenty of space between the case’s frame and the space inside the faceplate. Also, with high-efficiency parts on power supplies and people’s modern tendency to buy an overkill unit, it is safe to say this shouldn’t be a modern PSU issue. Unlike the top panel, the front panel does not have any meshed vents on its side.

Top/Base Vents

You can remove the top panel just as easy as the front, once you unscrew the thumbscrew behind. Since the front panel I/O and fans/ radiator is not connected to this unit, it makes it easier for the end-user to clean the top panel’s mesh regularly.

Top Panel Switch and I/O ports

No front panel switches/ ports are screwed on either on the frame and not on the removable panels. The power switch stays away from the I/O, both fixed on the frame.

Top Panel Fan/ Radiator Mounts

Once you pop out the top panel lid, you can remove the metal plate that’s installed on the frame. This plate lets you install the 3x 120/ 2×140 or 200mm fans, giving you up to 360mm radiator compatibility. Both the fans and the radiator needs to be internally mounted. This way, even with the aluminium lid, the spacing between the frame and the top panel lid lets the used air escape through the exposed mesh and the mesh towards the rear. Just like the front and base, the distance between it allows the airflow to come in/ escape.

MB Tray Area

I wish CM provided a flippable motherboard tray for the SL600M. It looks very doable. There are three large grommets, cable management cut-outs on the top and the bottom of the motherboard tray for those EPS ATX/ FAN/ RGB strips/ USB Front panel cables, etc. with ease.  Once you remove the cable management side plate and the PSU cage from the inside, you’ll notice multiple mountings holes for PSU frame’s standoffs and the shroud from the right sidepanel. It does need to be secured with the thumbscrews.

The CPU cut out is very large and adequate to allow ease of CPU cooler installation and removal. Despite so many cut-outs and cable management access, the motherboard plate is reasonably strong.

PSU Mounting Area

As you can see, both the PSU cages is a two-piece setup. It takes most of the vertical space on the front panel. The ventilated frame is first screwed on the power supply which then you’ll install it on the case, and then having the shroud being installed in the end. This is convenient as you can adjust its height according to your build and the length of the power supply. Managing SATA power cables on these should be easier as long as you reserve one of the SATA power cables for the fan controller.

The PSU cage has a large grommet to route through PSU cables. But one of its sides is exposed, allowing you to route the cables through the right-side panel. There’s also one of its multi-use adapter mounted on the cage.

Base Panel

There are 2x 200mm fans mounted from within. You can swap these for radiators/ dual fan options, should you require. These fans do not use any LEDs.

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