Cooler Master SL600M PC Chassis Review

  1. A different PC Case called the Cooler Master SL600M!
  2. PC Case Overview- External
  3. PC Case Overview- Internal (Part 1)
  4. PC Case Overview- Internal (Part 2)
  5. Installation Experience and Conclusion
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The ‘multi-plate’

The multi-plate is a versatile bracket which can be mounted in any assigned spots inside the case. This allows the end-user to mount mechanical hard drives, SSD, pump and even reservoir. This gives a modular and mountable option based on user’s needs.

Case Feet

The case feet can be removed from the inside. It provides a lot of clearance between the floor and the vent. This is needed considering the main source of airflow is from the base. Therefore it would need more clearance than it would normally require. This is also the reason why the SL600M looks taller than it should be.

Cable management/ SSD Mounting cover

The cable management cover hides a part of the case, where the Power supply is mounted. Also, it provides a couple of SSD mounts.

Cable Management Area

There are plenty of areas to manage and tuck away cables on both sides of the case. There’s nothing write home about since such cable management system is a tried and tested method. But its important to focus more on space as the Cooler Master SL600M has its own fan hub. In this situation, a 24-pin ATX cable is mostly tucked away because of the distance. Same for the HDD mounts on the front panel. That said, it is always best to go with modular power supplies. Preferably with flat cables if there’s a lot of connections.

SSD Mounting Area

There are two SSD trays behind the motherboard panel, next to the exposed fan hub. As said earlier, the front panel has mounts for two mechanical hard drives. This requires the end-user to remove the front panel and just mount it on these. As said earlier, the PSU cage has a multi-mount adapter, same with the adapter mounted above the PCIe slots. There is plenty of options to mount SSDs and HDDs.

PCIe Slots Panel Area

The PCIe tray is removable and secured by thumbscrews. You can tilt the PCIe plate by 90 degrees, therefore having the 9-slot horizontal PCIe slots to be vertical. This way, you can not only adjust the depth of the graphics card but also accommodate second graphics card for vertical orientation. Cooler Master could have provided a riser cable, here. At the time of writing, this was not on stock at Amazon US. With premium pricing, premium essentials are expected.

There is an aftermarket vertical graphics holder kit with riser cable. This gives support to long, thick and heavy graphics cards.

PCIe GPU Mounting

While you do get a vertical mount for dual PCIe slots in standard alignment, the vertical mounting allows you to install the graphics card between those seven slots. The newer, upper-end graphic cards are usually triple slot and need more space for the blower design. This would make it more relevant to the RTX 3090 and the RTX 3080 Founder Edition variants.

Front Panel Switch Area

The switch is accompanied by two LED to indicate power. I do appreciate the actuate response of this switch, though I wish Cooler Master provided a reset switch in the SL600M.

Pre-Installed Fans

The Cooler Master SL600M has two large fans- the MF200R-PWM. These are 200mm 800 RPM units and these are connected to the headers. These fans are responsible to provide airflow for the entire system and let the air escape through the top panels. According to the specifications of its RGB variant that’s sold in retail, it provides up to 90 CFM airflow and up to 175,000 hours. There is no information about its bearings.

Controller Hub

The hub controls four 4-pin fans with a max output of 3 Amps. The rest connects to the front panel that lights up the USB ports, a connector for the front panel fan switch and a USB connector to flash the controller with the new firmware. The power supply takes power from a SATA power.

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