Cooler Master SL600M PC Chassis Review

  1. A different PC Case called the Cooler Master SL600M!
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  3. PC Case Overview- Internal (Part 1)
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SSD Mounting

The SSD installation is effortless. CM SL600M have standoffs where you screw it on the drive and plug them on the multi-function bracket. You’ll have to change the position of the rubber grommets on the bracket since its place for the 3.5” HDD.

Apart from installing them on the brackets, you can install two of these SATA SSDs on the PSU plate and on the left sidepanel facing plate. The large rubber grommet on the PSU housing lets you stash excess cables length. You’ll just have to be creative with how you re-route your SATA power cables as there are two multi-function brackets on the front panel, one on the PSU tray, one where the rear fan mount should have been there and the other two SSD brackets on the back of the motherboard tray. Depending on the power supply, its cable length and controller hub’s requirement of a SATA power connector requires some amount of thought before engaging in the installation process. But for most two drives (2x SSD or 1x SSD/1x HDD) this should hardly be a problem.

HDD Mounting

While the multi-function brackets allow you to install SSDs/HDDs anywhere, you can have it on the rear section or on the PSU tray. Therefore the 2x mounting brackets at the front panel are the only options. The 3.5-inch HDDs need to be installed with a separate set of screws provided with the case.

PSU Mounting

The PSU mounting is very unconventional but once you figure it out, it’s easy. The PSU cages make that process easier. You screw in the power supply bracket with its ventilated section towards the PSU’s fan vents. With the case thumbscrews and support grommets, you install it at the front, plug in the right-angled cable, install the shroud- and you’re done.

Graphics card Clearance

With the PSU cage, it provides 318mm/ 12.51″ clearance, you get almost all graphics card physical compatibility. This isn’t an issue with SSDs when paired with graphics card such as the AORUS Radeon RX 580 XTR 8G.

Cable Management

With a semi-modular or fully modular flat cables, cable management will be near effortless. This shouldn’t be an issue with paracorded/ sleeved cables, too. CPU liquid coolers have additional writing with RGB, and also an RGB/ Liquid cooler fans and motor controlling hub, so the long routing access is very appreciated. There is ample space in the top panel, and the base panel installation also has enough routing capability to organize accordingly.

Installation Impression

With a modest to a fully-loaded single triple slot GPU setup with a large CPU cooler like the Noctua NH-U14S or the NH-D15S, the Cooler Master SL600M houses the components well. Even with a scenario of installing a closed-loop liquid cooler, the removable top panel frames makes it less of a hassle.

In the end…

The case does provide a passive solution to noise reduction from the fans. These 200mm fans are also used in many other PC cases such as the H500 series. With base installation, it dampens any possible fan sound at full speed. 800RPM is not a lot, but it is driving a 200mm fan blades. with base mount and large clearance, it provides a good amount of airflow to the case. This also addresses the cooling issue with the vertically mounted cards. Thanks to the flippable PCIe slots, you can space the graphics cards between those 9 slots, therefore providing the best of space even for the thicker graphics cards.

The choice of components help. As with the test setup above, the Noctua NH-U14S and similar coolers will have its fans facing from left to right. Unfortunately, AM4 sockets are rectangular, therefore it does not allow you to face its outlet towards the top. As a workaround, CM could have provided a vent on the rear with a block plate from the outside, while having the multi-adapter stay put on the inside.  Cooler Master is competing with its own large cases- H500P mesh Edition and H500M. Therefore the reason for anyone to buy this case would have a good high performance with maximum possible direct airflow for the GPU and other graphics card that looks and feels premium.

Apart from certain caveats and also the vents for a vertical fan mounted CPU air coolers, there’s no reason to recommend this case to a specific niche of buyers.


There’s also an SL600M Black Edition, for those who prefer the other colour option.

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