CM 690 II Boxshot

Coolermaster 690 II Plus PC Chassis Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging and Specifications
  3. External Impressions
  4. Internal Impressions Part 1
  5. Internal Impressions Part 2
  6. Comparison: Corsair 400R and Coolermaster 690II Plus
  7. Installation Experience and Conclusion

Yup, another CM 690 to carry forward the CM 690 torch!

Coolermaster’s 690 was/is one of the best sellers for a very very long time- back when Intel P35/P45/E7200/E8400+ 8800GT have commonly used hardware in mid-end rigs. Does the same basic design (with some changes to keep up with the times) still does the job to keep everyone happy for the near future? That is something one would like to know. What was once deemed 690 as a “model number” turned out to be a series itself- like Storm series?

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