cm storm stryker

Coolermaster officially announces CM Storm Stryker

The awesome looking white-and-black colour combo Full tower Stryker is now available in India. Many people wish CM Storm Trooper came in white, even I preferred it because I believed that with white and black combination to make the design stand out- and it does. ITDepot did have the product list the product on their website for a bit more than 2 weeks with a retail price of Rs. 11,770/-.



The specs are as follows:


Do note that 1 Year of Warranty period is honoured in India.

  1. Real pics yaar… this graphic representation of the case is confusing me- either its white or silver and to be honest this will look great with a black tint with more than 80% opacity.

    imagine someone with an xl atx motherboard and quad graphic cards with all copper blocks and a full-fledged watercooling system. whoever is carrying it needs nerves of steel. wheels makes practical sense or else mid towers are better off with

    1. The pics are from CM. Its not a graphic representation.

      Yeah, if you think about it- how many people will have xl-atx motherboards with Quad card setup with all copper blocks and a fully loaded watercooling rig? There are people who do it and there are cases in the same as this one, but they don’t have handles- or wheels.

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