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Coolermaster and CoolChip Technologies shows-off its rotating fin heatsink design

Sandia National Laboratories made a very interesting air cooler design for CPU called ‘air bearing heat exchanger’ but it seems that the technology is shaping up, thanks to Coolermaster. CoolChip Technologies partnered with Coolermaster to bring forward the finned-heatsink-CPU cooler design.

It is claimed that this new innovation in CPU air cooling can bring up to 50% in cooling performance in comparison with traditional designs. What’s equally impressive is that the air cooler maintains a size of nothing bigger than a low-profile heatsink.

Coolermaster’s prototype is significantly different in comparison with what CoolChip showed off years ago. The newer prototype has heatpipes going through the heat base mounted on the ringed-radiator. The entire heatsink is metal based. How good this performs? Especially considering that low-profile CPU coolers are usually recommended under a specific TDP is something we would all want to know. Many would be interested to know the specifics, including the bearing type. Hopefully, all will be known when the technology is perfected.

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