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CoolerMaster MasterCase Maker 5 PC Case Review

  1. Introduction, Packaging, Specifications and Accessories
  2. External Impressions
  3. Internal Impressions
  4. Installation Impressions
  5. Conclusion
  6. Online Purchase Links

Installation Impressions

The all-black design doesn’t help during installation in my opinion. If it’s all black motherboard, have fun spending the time to install and removing them. Not a problem for those who are unlikely to take the system apart. At least a different shade for the standoffs and its screws would be a minor but a good change. Apart from that, the installation is effortless.

Even with a minimum time invested in cable management,  you should be able to hide away most of the cables easily. With multiple cable management grommets at the side, no motherboard layout should be an issue. If you need more space for  the first PCIe x16 slots but also need the 3x HDD bays, you always remove and place them on the PSU tray- or remove the ODD bay and place it towards the top.  That said, you’ll just need to make sure that your PSU power and SATA cables are just as long.

After turning the system on…

The purpose of having a glossy front panel made a bit more sense since the port indicators are backlit. There’s a nice red LED power indicator below the power button too. As said earlier, maintaining that panel from finger smudges can be a little bit daunting. It’s more about the preference rather than a con.

The LED bars illumination is good enough. Probably one more at the top would do a pretty good job. This is a red only LED strip, and I am not sure if CM would have other colour variants. I don’t see why not.  At least the light is diffused so that it can spread evenly. Remember, you can toggle the lights with breathing effects.

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