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CoolerMaster MasterCase Maker 5 PC Case Review

  1. Introduction, Packaging, Specifications and Accessories
  2. External Impressions
  3. Internal Impressions
  4. Installation Impressions
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One of the accessories I have is the universal GPU holder. As the name suggests, this is not a MasterCase-only accessory.

Its base is magnetic and it allows up to two cards from sagging. Simple product. Simple solution. The base and the support is metal which does the job nicely.

The case’s build quality is excellent as it was on the MasterCase 5…obviously. You get some good additions over the MasterCase Maker 5. For me,  the MasterCase 5 base version did not make sense. You do not get the top panel frame so if you end up buying the case, you’ll have to mount it towards the front. I wouldn’t be surprised if some closed-loop CPU liquid coolers may feel stretched out in this setup. Even cases that cost the same or a bit lower allows at least 120mm / 240mm radiator mount with maybe a little bit of an overlapping over the motherboard.

India US UK
$177.58 £183.95

The base versions cost US $98.99. The Pro 5 variant which has a window side panel, Top panel mesh shell and fan/radiator frame along with an added HDD bracket for $148.47. The MasterCase Maker 5 is for $177.58- a revamped I/O with a Type-C, Type-A USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports, followed by fan/LED controller with PCB, magnetic top panel with another magnetic top panel lid, magnetic LED strip, front panel with suppression and a metal accessory box with neatly labeled and separated screw pack as an added bonus. For a bit under $30 difference, that’s a lot of things you are getting.

What’s missing from the specifications, however, is the wattage support per fan header on the controller board. This way, at least people would know if they can daisy-chain fans per channel. Note that Coolermaster has included three 140mm x 25mm (two for the front and one for the rear) A12025-12CB-3BN-F1 3-pin 1200RPM fans rated for 44.03 CFM and 19.8 dBA.

CM MasterCase Maker 5

Therefore, it’s difficult for me to pinpoint any real cons. After reviewing CM Storm Trooper and CM 690 III, reviewing this case has been a good experience. I can’t imagine how this case will look with an all white or a dual-tone colour finish. Sure, you can make it yours, but there’s always something about factory finish for minimum-to-no added cost and time. The CM 690 III white edition looks great and if CM can provide that, it will be a good change away from the all black/dark grey-ish colour pattern.

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