Coolermaster releases new CPU coolers, JetFlo fans V-Series PSU

During CeBIT 2013, Coolermaster have been showing off some of their hardware: TPC 612 and V8 GTS CPU coolers, followed by JetFlo 120 case fans.


TPC 612 is a compact version of TPC 812 but it retains its design concept which uses heatpipe-fed aluminum fin-stack and the well known vapor-chamber design. The dimension of the cooler is 145mm x 97mm x 161.6mm including the fan and weights 640G on specs. The Single 120mm fan has a PWM controller which ranges between 600 to 2,000 rpm and advertised to push between 24.9 to 82.9 CFM of air.


V8 GTS is just another animal. The cooler is a pre-assembled closed-loop liquid CPU cooler with triple independent aluminum fin stack and uses 2x 140mm PWM fans controlling between 600 and 1600 RPM, advertised to push between 28 to 82 CFM of air. The cooler uses 6mm thick nickel plated copper heatpipes with the idea that it can transfer heat from its base through 3x fin stacks. This massive cooler is officially weighed at 1,140 g with the dimensions of 154 x 149 x 160 mm.

Coolermaster also showed off its Jetflo 120 which comes with a PWM that controllers 800 to 2,000 RPM and advertised to push upto 85 CFM air-flow.


Coolermaster also were showing off their new line of power supplies called V-Series which comes with 3 versions: V700, V850 and V1000. These power supplies come with 80 Plus Gold Efficiency rating.
These power supplies are uses modular cabling and comes with 4x 6+2 PCIe connector on V700, 6x on 850 and v1000. CM assured that comes with all its protection features. The OEM of these power supplies are said to be Seasonic, so it will be interesting to see how reviewers with real testing methodology see how this works.

Since this is showed off in CeBIT, pricing and date of release is unknown.

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  1. too bad V8 GTS pics were not taken in different angle. looks pretty good but i also wish they mounted it in a system so that one could get an idea on its actual specs and space it takes….

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