Core i5-7600K is just 10% Faster than i5-6600K

10% Performance most likely due to difference in clock speeds

A Chinese website got its hands on one of the upcoming Kaby Lake SKU Core i5-7600K and tested it on an LGA 1151 motherboard with compatible BIOS. But it doesn’t seem very exciting as it shows to have 9% to 10% boost over the currently available Skylake SKU Core i5-6600K.

What we know about the 7th gen Kaby lake so far…

What’s known about the 7th generation Kaby Lake desktop CPU is that the Core i5-7600K is set for $250 price segment. It will be a quad core CPU with 3.80/4.20 GHz base/boost clock with 6MB L3 Cache. It doesn’t support hyperthreading. This will succeed the Core i5-6600K which also has 6MB L3 Cache with a base/boost clock of 3.50/ 3.90 GHz. Both architectures are 14nm based with LGA 1151 socket. Skylake is using Intel HD 530 on-chip graphics while the upcoming Kaby lake has the HD 630.


The difference in performance…

Based on the benchmarks done by PCOnline, the 10% difference is because of the difference of clock speeds between these SKUs. Most likely the new architecture may only consist of fabrication improvements. It’s also weird seeing that Intel didn’t make any performance keeping in mind that AMD would be rolling out Zen architecture at some time in the future.

Performance wise, it doesn’t seem the existing Skylake CPU users would be missing anything significant. We would see a legion of Intel-200 series chipsets coming up and most likely it may have an extra feature or two. There is no official launch date yet, but it should be out by Q1 2017.

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