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Corsair Carbide Series 400R Mid-Tower PC Chassis Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging and Specifications
  3. External Impressions Part 1
  4. External Impressions Part 2
  5. Internal Impressions Part 1
  6. Internal Impressions Part 2
  7. Installation Experience and Conclusion

Remember, in ATX form factor boards there’s room for 7x PCI slots. This case has 8. So you can use the last one for USB 2.0 PCI slots or anything else. It’s as useful as how Coolermaster provides a vertical PCI slot on their cases.

Towards the rear, there’s a 140mm/120mm fan grill mesh with 120mm fan pre-installed Corsair_400R_012Its the little details that matter- there are rubber grommets installed on the 120mm rear fans as well.

All PCI slots are re-usable with vents. Towards the right, there are 4x rubber grommets for routing WC tubes through the case. Do note that there’s a circular rubber “ring” on the grommets itself to hold all the triangular cut-outs in place. And this is the part that I raised my concerns in 500R and it came through in 400R.

Highlighted in red, these are the damaged on the rear panel: the rivet is missing, the mount holes for the power supply is bent and the base is bent. I do acknowledge that this case has been used by people before me, but this damage does not happen when you are putting a rig together and removing it. This damage happened because the Rear I/O is flimsy. Even the part next to the grommets feels flimsy. If you’re getting a case with a lot of features and for a low cost, you will not be surprised if there’s some cons or the other. This con could have been overshadowed if the packaging was made strong enough. The 2 sides of the Styrofoam are usually the first break, followed by crack from within the Styrofoam. If your case has taken some pounding during shipping, you could expect certain damages. There were many cases that had some flimsy part somewhere on the case, that’s all the more reason the packaging should be strong enough to protect the case. Afterall, it is YOUR money. Its least expected. If for any reason you’re buying this case for retail, do open the package and check the exterior of the case.

Both the side panels have a matching protruding designs, with the left side panel having the option to mount fans. Such design is helpful, at least in my experience with the 500R on the right side panel, when you have a lot of cable routing and since there’s a recessed area from inside the panels, it helps a bit. Like the top and the rear panel, the side panel fans have rubber grommets for 120mm fan mounts. No plasticky attachment. Straightforward steel case with protruding designs.

The base is no different from the 500R- even the case feets and the dust filter tray are the same. While its a big thumbs up to 400R, you have to wonder at this point of time if there’s any significant advantage of the 500R, except the ejectable mesh fan filters and the 200mm fan (..and wouldn’t it be better if it was modelled as “400R Special Edition” or something more appropriate?).

  1. excellent review sir. 400r is still the best case unfortunately the price has increased significantly since then

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