Corsair AX1500i Power Supply listed in DC cable length consolidation List

98PHYF9FJNJ3 Corsair’s AX series has a new power supply lineup, this time with a 1.5Kw rated unit.  In all honesty it is not surprising to Corsair rolling out such a rated unit, considering other units have been doing for a while now. There are no specifications listed, but accord to Corsair’s cable length consolidation list, the EPS cables is 80mm long, viz. 150mm longer than the AX1200i, whereas it will have 8 pin PCIe cable, all with 600mm length.

There are 4 SATA cables in total, each with 4x SATA power connectors. 2 of them are in the length of 400mm, 500mm, 600mm and 700mm, whereas the other 2 are 550mm, 650mm, 750mm, 850mm. There is a 3x 450mm, 550mm, 650mm and 750mm peripheral cable, but disappointingly for some this does not have a floppy cable. There are certain sound cards and possibly other add-ons that require power via the floppy cable, such as Asus Xonar series. Fortunately on most counts they do provide a Molex-to-floppy converter.

Interestingly, there’s a 250mm USB cable. Most like it should be USB cable/USB power cable header to provide more power for charging portable devices. There are certain cases that does come with a dedicated USB charging port, so most likely rather than pulling the power from the motherboard’s USB header it may pull power from this cable. Mind you, this is nothing more than a speculation and should be confirmed once the product is released.

There’s still no word about the actual OEM of the power supply…yet. At the time of writing, this power supply is not listed in Corsair’s page.

Disclaimer: Hardware BBQ has permanently blacklisted the PR agency handling Antec India and Corsair India for violating the ethics policy and badmouthing Hardware BBQ as ‘brand bashers’ for pointing out the cons of the products earlier reviewed, of which till date has not been disputed.

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