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Corsair acquires EpocCam which converts smartphones into wireless webcams

Corsair recently purchased Kinoni which owns EpocCam and included it in its Elgato lineup. Corsair’s sub-brand is known for its streaming hardware, peripherals and accessories- and also made similar acquisitions to expand its ecosystem. EpocCam is an iOS utility which enables wired and wireless connectivity between the phones and your PC. This way, you can use your smartphone as a webcam. Naturally, the ability to convert smartphone cams as wireless Webcams goes well with the rest of Elgato’s offerings.

Apps like EpocCam is useful for streamers and content creators. But also to be widely used more in VOIP services like Discord, ZOOM and many others. That’s the main driving force behind downloads, both free and pro version.

No Android support?

Under the new management, Sami Grohn of EpocCam formally joins Elgato as its Principal Software Engineer. For now, EpocCam is available on iOS, but strangely it is not available for Android phones. It was listed in Google Play Store but was taken down. Also, you can see Kinoni’s website listing Android support also lists its support. Most likely this was taken down recently for reasons unknown. But if you need something on a pinch right now there are apps like the iVCam Webcam. iOS support is still active via Apple’s app store.

With a significantly large userbase and variable phones, it makes sense to bring back this support. It is likely to be seen now with Elgato. While there are many apps like these, it is not certain why Elgato chose to acquire EpocCam. Time will tell- or won’t! If I were to speculate, the wireless support is most likely to be one of the reasons.

Elgato’s EpocCam

Elgato EpocCam Pro

The EpocCam is now listed on Elgato’s website and provides two variants- the free and the paid pro version. The free version provides 480p webcam support with wireless connection but embeds a watermark. The pro supports up to 1080p and all the bells and whistles. This includes smartphone’s mic support, pinch to zoom, manual focus, the ability to use the phone’s light and many others. The Pro version is sold for $7.99.



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