Corsair India Sales numbers for 2010: An impressive 150% growth


Corsair sends a Press Release in regards to the Revenue Growth where it (proudly) says that there’s an impression (not really surprising) 150% growth in India alone.

Corsair India disclosed that the impressive growth was achieved with the expansion of its channel sales base as more retailers signed up to sell Corsair high performance PSUs and XMS performance memory modules to take advantage of higher margin structures to offset the cut throat price slashing at the value end of the market. There has been increasing demand for branded quality PSUs and 2GB+ performance memory modules from Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities. Corsair was well positioned to garner the larger share of the demand. Corsair is working aggressively with its distributors Aditya Infotech, Inspan Infotech and Tirupati Enterprises towards adding more focused and premium partners to address the growing demand. With the addition of Aditya Infotech, the numbers have grown as they have added depth with their branches across the country and product focus to make a dent in unexplored territories.

Not really surprising numbers if you think about it, considering that Corsair India did a good job of making their products easily available in most of the cities (although I know few groups who have expressed dissatisfactions with the distributors where they have increased the prices oc VX450 from as low as Rs. 3,200/- on retail to as high as Rs. 4,600/- when the sales numbers were increased couple of years ago, although now it sells for Rs. 3,450/- on retail). Having 3 distributors and Kaizen as a service centre had its advantages, but there were times when people from certain cities like Mysore, Indore, Certain Tier II cities/towns did not have access to a Corsair unit.

If you remember the Press coverage event where I had a pretty good QnA session with Scott Thirwell, he did give a hint at low end PC Enclosures and its mentioned again via the official Press Release.

Lot of new products are lined up for the Indian market including gaming speakers, headsets, low-end cabinets and many more products, which are in nascent stages of inception. Plan to consolidate and strengthen our position, come out with channel schemes for the benefits of dealers who have dedicated focused on India, further strengthen our service and also add to the head count to cater to the ever increasing Corsair demand in India.

Demand has increased, so has Competition. Unlike the last time, we would be seeing Antec Pushing EA series power supplies, there’s also Corsair’s way-more-than-acquaintance Seasonic that seem to enjoy a small share of it. SSD is just anybody’s show for now. Remember what Billy Ocean said? When the going gets tough, The tough gets going!!

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  1. Unlike last year this year corsair has more than 1 real competition. We are getting antec bit more easier than before. Seasonic and FSP are also available by corsair's distributors (How ironic that they have priced inferior make of vx450 more than seasonic 500w and tagan 600w). Adata is available in delhi too. its a matter of time crucials invade india. Its even more disappointing that people who buy high end x58 boards and high end h50 water cooler dont even have access to a decent 2000mhz-2133mhz rams. I am using i7 processor with x58 sabertooth with a sad 4gb 1333mhz g skills with a hope that one of the companies will see the light, recognize their customers and start selling rather than dumping developed country's old stocks. nobody even answering corsair's toll free number now.

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