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Corsair releases First ‘India Specific’ Memory

Corsair has announced a newer XMS3 memory stick with the following specification.

Advertised Specs
4GB Kit (1 x 4GB)
Performance Profile
Fan Included
Heat Spreader
Memory Configuration
Single Module
Memory Type
Package – Memory Pin
Package – Memory Format
Tested Voltage
SPD Voltage
Speed Rating
PC3-12800 (1600MHz)
SPD Speed
Tested Speed
Tested Latency
SPD Latency

Corsair’s product page does indicate that this is compatible with both Intel and AMD rigs, although I wouldn’t call it the first India Specific. I am not sure what they meant by that- we’re getting the hardware that ends users get in other countries- I would probably have liked to see someone bringing memory with Samsung IC that said to give 1600MHZ CL11 @ 1.35V. A quick Google shows that a lot of online stores from other countries have this memory stick available pretty easily.

Such gimmicky marketing stunt is not the first I’ve heard. Asus did the same with a motherboard. However, it wasn’t really made India. Far from it. It’s unfortunate when brands pick up a product which is universally sold, and simply attaches a marketing hoo-ha.

This kit is available for Rs. 1,800/- with a warranty of 10 years in India.

  1. Just a way for them to charge more for a stock product. And guess what a lot of gullible customers [first-time buyers] will pick it up.

    1. true but this kit is nothing more than 1333mhz 9-9-9-24 which does 1600mhz cl 11. seeing such press releases from companies as great and reputed as corsair looks as if they take that everyone in india is dumb. sad to see that instead of removing such mindset companies seem to be working hard to encourage n00bs to think of things this way so that they can sell off cheap stuff at a higher premium. remember when ocz gold rams were nothing more than ocz value with gold coated heatspreaders?

      stop screwing the population. y is the memory mafia not even bothering to introduce 1866mhz cl7 atleast???

      1. Do not expect things to change in India, especially with low demand of premium-quality products.

        Also what RIG adequately uses ~1866MHz RAM modules (on stock)?

        1. Spoken like a true AMD fanboy!

          But in all honesty, I do not like “AMD Only” and “Intel Only” rams. AMD starting its stupidity now. What they’re going to call memory kits that are usually compatible with both the way it should be? Hybrid???

          1. What in that made me an AMD Fanboy?

            Go splurge man if you have the cash and know how to use ~1866MHz RAM kits, don’t go around calling people fanboys.

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