Corsair interested to sell itself to Francisco Partners over IPO?

A Private Equity firm Francisco Partners is in talks with Corsair over a possible buyout. Francisco Partners had been a part of the Blackstone Group led consortium who opted against formal buyout for Dell.

Ironically, Francisco Partners is a firm which was against formal buyout of Dell, Inc., but it seems that the firm is now reconsidering its opinion about buyouts, most likely because there has been a nosedive decline of sales of PC Hardware in Q1 2013 overall PC Hardware Market.

Since Corsair is a component maker for gamers and for other type of end users, therefore more dependent on the PC Hardware market more than Dell who have different divisions of businesses, that maybe the reason why Francisco might be having second thoughts.

It should also be noted that Corsair was one of the company that postponed its IPO after seeing Facebook’s IPO debacle. The company said that they would ‘re-launch’ it when the equity condition are more suitable, but looking at the trend one will have to wonder when there will be a stable trend for PC hardware business. As of now, Corsair did file its registration papers with SEC, but didn’t provide any updates since then.

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