corsair GS flipkart preorder

Corsair listed Force GS listed in Flipkart

Flipkart has 3 models of Corsair Force GS listed as pre-order:

Force GS 360GB Model: CSSD-F360GBGS-BK for Rs. 21,908/-

Force GS 480GB Model: CSSD-F480GBGS-BK for Rs. 29,773/-

Force GS 240GB Model: CSSD-F240GBGS-BK for Rs. 14,381/-

All 3 drives come with 2 Years warranty period.

Reviewer’s Note:

I am evaluating the Force GS 240GB. The drive comes with Sandforce SF-2281VB1 and 16x SanDisk 24nm MLC SDZNPQBHER-016GT Toggle-mode flash NAND with firmware 5.02.



Although Corsair does say that the SSD drive has TRIM it doesn’t seem that it is working. To all those who do not know, when I get an SSD I do an endurance test run with Anvil Benchmark that generates total host writes up to 6-7TB, then I run few benchmarks, then run 67% fill SSD test with Anvil Benchmarks, run HDTune sequential and AS SSD, then give a secure erase using Partition Magic and do the AS SSD and HDTune tests, compare them to see if TRIM is working.

This drive came with 5.02 firmware and according to a lot of people, I have asked, including a well-respected reviewer I was told that 5.02 does have issues with TRIM and 5.03 firmware may fix this issue. There is no confirmation when LSI release the newer firmware with a TRIM fix for SSDs- or if it does fix the issue. These are HDTune Pro sequential screenshots which show the difference before and after Secure Erase:

Dirty SSD (Before Secure Erase):


Clean SSD (After Secure Erase):


Not only there’s significant difference in access time- both read and write, there’s also a difference in Average Read/Write Speed. Do note this applies to any newer SSDs with Sandforce Controller and firmware 5.02- irrespective of the brand.

This drive does have a good performance when it comes to testing in a clean state, but the ineffective TRIM support kills the fun in owning this drive. I really hope LSI releases the newer firmware with the fix- and that manufacturers flash newer manufactured drive with the fixed firmware.

  1. wow those spikes with Dirty SSD drive looks VERY bad. I thought TRIM issues was solved ages ago. Seeing this on a Toggle Flash NAND is very strange, even more strange that LSI released such screwed up firmware with lack of TRIM support. i never knew lack of trim affects access time. rwlabs and you are the only guys who pointed out that there’s no trim in this ssd. keep up the good work!

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