Corsair 900D Godzilla

New Corsair PC Chassis and AIOs coming soon

Leaked Confidential slides has information about 2 cases and 2 closed looped liquid cooling units that Corsair will be releasing in the (near?) future, one of them is named 900D “Godzilla”.



Product model: 900D
Dimension: 655x 694x 251mm (25.7×27.32×9.88in)

  • Extra large full tower
  • Motherboard format: ATX, E-ATX, XL-ATX, HP-ATX
  • HDD/SSD position: supports 15
  • Simultaneously support for two 480mm, two 360mm water cooling radiators
  • Front I/O panelHeadphone port
    Microphone port
    Four USB 3.0 ports
    Two USB 2.0 ports



Product model: 200R
Product number: New (TBD)
UPC: New (TBD)
Dimension: 470x440x210mm (18.5×17.32×8.27in)

  • Mid tower
  • Three tool-less ODD installation slots
  • Four HDD tool-less installation slots
  • Four SSD tool-less installation slots
  • ATX form factor
  • 7 PCI-E
  • Supports a maximum of 8 fans
  • Front I/O panel

Headphone port
Microphone port
Two USB 2.0 ports



Product name: H100i
Model: New (TBD)
UPC: New (TBD)
Package dimensions: Same as H100
Retail packaging: New design

  • New water cooling fitting could provide more strengthen thermal performance
  • 240mm water cooling radiator
  • Supports Corsair Link
  • New bracket design allows more convenient support for Intel, AMD CPU
  • Updated, better performance, thicker water cooling fitting design

Godzilla fits the name perfectly. The case is insanely massive and shows how Corsair dedicated really is when it comes to Ultra large PC cases, possibly to run in as a competition against cases like Cosmos II S. 200R looks pretty good but I bet its somewhat safe to speculate that you may see a USB 3.0 version. Now the question is: When do we see these coming up in retail! One of the notable difference in H80i/H100i is Corsair Link but the translation clearly says it will offer thicker water cooling design, possibly aiming to pair these against Eisberg?


  1. ugly side panel. but its not easily to make a mini cupboard look attractive because of the size.

  2. i hope those are not push pins on the H80i/H100i…. 200R looks nice but you have to wonder if the internal design will have any difference compared to existing cases….

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