Corsair issues recall notice for H100i RGB PLATINUM SE AIO coolers

Corsair issued a recall unit for some of its H100i RGB Platinum SE AIO coolers as some of them are found to have a leakage issue. Not much has been said about the leakage, except that this is a precautionary measure and only affects certain lots of the Hydro Series H100i RGB PLATINUM SE (CW-9060041-WW) units under a batch code.

Limited batch recall

It is unclear if the damage is present in these units since manufactured or something that occurs eventually during use. According to its forum post, this affects less than 1% of its stocks. The leakage- whether at the time of purchase or during use, the leakage can be seen around its hose sleeving. Since the sleeves are white and the coolant is bright green, it shouldn’t be difficult to notice. Other H100i units are not affected, according to Corsair.

If you’re one of the users, you need to look out for ‘1852’ in its lot code in the serial number (as seen below). It is not sure if Corsair has informed its users via newsletter or social media.

If you do have this unit, Corsair will replace the CPU cooler free of charge. The user needs to contact its support. The replacement parts are already available.

Product recalls are not unheard of. Potential leakage is a concern of any liquid coolers of any make from any branch. It always depends on the manufacturers’ ability to identify, address, recall and replace.

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