Corsair SFX Platinum Series

Corsair recalls SFX Platinum series PSUs worldwide

PC Components and peripherals manufacturer Corsair issued a recall notice for its SFX Platinum series power supplies.  The affected units are made between October 2019 and March 2020. The specific units that have this issue are marked between lot no 194448xx to 201148xx.

The nature of the defect

The defect on the SFX Platinum series triggered when operated at high temperature and humidity. The problem with these affected units can be apparent either when it’s brand new or something that manifests in time eventually. Therefore even if you didn’t experience this issue, you should replace it. The specific problem occurs on the primary side of the PSU. Corsair said that since it is entirely isolated from the DC side, it will not affect any components.

Those who have the affected units need to fill up the voluntary replacement program. Corsair clarified that this problem is not in any of its other power supplies.  As per Kitguru’s findings, the SF600 Platinum is made by Great Wall, who also makes SFX Gold series.

Product Listing

CorsaIR SFX Platinum Power Supply Listing June 2020

Corsair makes 450W, 600W and 750W variant under SFX Platinum series.  But at the time of writing, Corsair delisted all but the 700w variant. Though I doubt it will replace all of the affected units for SF750, its likely Corsair has enough 450 and 600 SFX Platinum for replacement. But Amazon has the SF600 listed for sale. As a result, it should be a while to see new SFX Platinum on retail. Company recalls are not uncommon. In fact, Corsair did recall one of its liquid coolers earlier. As long as the affected batch is identified and replaced effectively, everything should be manageable. SFX form factors aren’t really adopted by many PC hardware users.

Other SFX Power supplies

SFX Form factors are appreciated by those who want slimmer PC systems. Because of its small profile, SFX PC cases are slimmer. That said, some of these SFX Platinums are rated for 80Plus Gold or 80Plus platinum efficiency. These are made by a handful of manufacturers, even by top tier brands. Silverstone, FSP, BEQuiet! and Seasonic makes SFX PSUs.

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