Corsair releases TX V2 series power supplies

Corsair is on a roll to update its long tried and tested well-known supplies, now with the TX V2 series. VX series is a hit, same goes for HX, AX, TX and CX430 for a very long time. Now it seems we’re going to see a newer version of these series. For some months, newer Rev models for certain models were of different make (not necessarily inferior as said by Corsair), as highlighted here and later on addressed officially by Corsair Rep “CorsairGeorge” in community.

Not many details have been given about this TX V2 series or the pics of the internals- most likely we’ll have to wait for proper reviews from sources who have the real resources to test it- but this was what Corsair has said in their press release.

The TX V2 PSUs offer improved energy efficiency, with 80 PLUS® Bronze certification and European Commission Energy-Related Product (ErP) directive compliance. The improved efficiency results in lower noise levels than the original TX PSUs under typical usage conditions, and a new DC-to-DC converter design provides tighter voltage regulation, with measurably lower ripple and noise. Features carried over from the acclaimed TX PSUs include the use of Japanese capacitors, enthusiast-grade performance, and a comprehensive fixed cable set that accommodates tall PC chassis and multiple-GPU installations.

Price is as follows:

·         TX850 V2- Rs.7,500
·         TX750 V2-Rs.6,500
·         TX650 V2-Rs.5,500

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  1. I cant wait for the new onslaught from corsair. My company needs these parts today !!! :) We already only use the Obsidian 800D for all our High End Watercooled workstations and the 600T for our Mid Tower Workstation Line This is where we need the H100. It will be the most perfect cooling solution for the 600T and 650D cases along with the 800D. But would also love a Triple 120mm Radiator Solution for the 800D.The parts that we want most of all our builds are the following . The new 650D case , The Carbide Series of cases , The AX650 Watt Power Supply , The H100 Water cooling kit and the Corsair Link to go along with it.Cheers and kind regardsShatul DurlabhjiComp Kraft Pvt Ltd.

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