Creative India launches PureWireless Modularity “Campaign”

Creative India had a launch today about Wireless “stuff”.


Here’s the rundown.

I’ve asked about XFI series soundcards (btw, the tablets are powered with XFI audio support) but their concentration for now is more towards wireless because (according to them) that pc sales is going low all thanks to tablets. If you’ve seen the Gigabyte Conference 2011 videos, Tim handley did say that its all thanks to Tablets, the PC sales has increased “a little bit”.

MRP is released but I am more keen to know how will the prices for the M300 falls. To keep in mind, Techenclave dealer Pristine Note is selling Sandisk Sansa plus+ with 4 gigs under Rs. 3,000. We’ll see how she does well here.

  1. Creative is dead in the water in the PC sound business. Xonar and Auzentech took the lead. For people who are concentrating on wireless HT systems, they forget that people would most likely going for an HTPC, especially with solutions like AMD fusion available.  When new chipsets comes- it first hits PC. When new GPU family comes out- it first hits PC. When new audio/lan/bluetooth/USB 3.0 chipsets come, it first hits PC. When FLASH NANDs are made, they first think about being compatible with PC.  Heck, even angry birds are available for PC and many agree that controls on PC is far better. Yes, I do agree that tablet will increase PC Market consumption more than usual. We've being hearing for more than a decade that PC business will fall. We had arrays of laptops, gaming laptops, desktop replacements, netbooks, wireless HT streamer with NAS came- and here we are!!!

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