Creative WP 350 Bluetooth Headset Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Advertised Specifications
  3. Design, Fit and Build Quality
  4. Functionality and Performance
  5. Testing Methodology
  6. Conclusion

Not much has changed in the core sound reproduction technology since the advent of moving coil driver or what we call us the dynamic driver.

Even today these magnetic sound reproducing devices are most commonly used in the consumer audio devices ranging from speakers to headphones. What manufacturers have tried to implement is better designs and add-on technologies that has over a period of time changed the experience of Music. Wireless fidelity is one of the technologies which has been trying to make a mark in the past few years with a lot of manufactures concentrating on providing better portable hi-fi experience using Bluetooth or RF(radio frequency) compatible wireless headphones. Though the most discerning of audiophiles still prefer wired headphones for the accurate reproduction of sound, the mass consumer audio market has welcomed the wireless fidelity with open arms.

One such set of wireless headphones we are going to review today is the Creative WP 350, released as the successor to the well regarded WP300. Creative claims to have improved the overall sound along with the added functionality in the new WP 350, which we will put to test today.

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