Crysis Remastered

Crysis Remastered confirmed, speculated for August release

It didn’t take long since Crysis’ official twitter lit up like a Christmas tree a few days ago. Crysis Remastered is confirmed. and it will be coming on the PC, Xbox One, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. It is also the PC variant will use Ray-Tracing. What’s interesting is that it mentions the use of ‘hardware and API agnostic’ ray tracing solution, which indicates this will not be RTX exclusive. The RTX support will also include on the consoles, too.

OG rebuilt!

Even with those gaming PCs with no RTX capable graphics card, the remastered edition will have quite a boost in new graphics and high-quality textures on the CryEngine 5. The first person shooter first came on 2007, later coming on the consoles in 2011. The game’s protagonist Jake Dunn aka Nomad wears a super-powered intelligent nanosuit giving extraordinary abilities to its user, fighting through North Korean military and the aliens. Crysis was a standard for benchmarking graphics cards. There’s a very good chance of the same to be done with Crysis Remastered. There were times, definitive Editions have been used for benchmarks, replacing the original game benchmarks.

August release??

As of now, we don’t know the launch date. I assume the actual release will be August 2020, since the first game’s events were set on the same date. Fun fact!

What’s also not confirmed is the inclusion of its spinoff ‘Warhead’ in Crysis Remastered. But since its Metadata now exists, it shouldn’t take long for the gameplay video/ graphics to be out. Interestingly, we will not see EA Games playing any part in its re-release.

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