Crytek looking out for a programmer for CryEngine porting

A job listing was put up on Crytek’s website recently for a position as a Linux Programmer, whose one of the responsibilities would be to maintain Linux support for CryEngine. This clearly points out that Crytek is planning to have games available for the Linux operating systems as well, perhaps a move that will eventually port games like Crysis series to the open source OS.

Its not clear if it’s the new CryEngine 3, but it should be noted that Cervat Yerli said that all of the developer’s games will be made ‘free-to-play’ within 5 years, so looking at that making it work on Linux makes a lot more sense.

Crytek has few more games based on CryEngine 3 such as Shadow of Eternals and Star Citizen, and which is licensed to other game developers and to universities. It will be interesting to see how this turn out for the near future. In any case, this is one of those signs which indicates that game developers and studios are looking forward to the possibilities of making games available in Linux as well.


Making CryEngine  work on Linux will automatically enable game developers using this engine to port their game titles to the Linux platform. This is a move that should encourage a lot of developers and designers to look towards Linux, especially if its CryEngine 3.

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