The curious case of Intel A1018- The ‘Tailor-Made’ Notebook Processor for India [Exclusive News]

  1. Introduction
  2. Recap: The 'Tailor-made' notebook processor- Intel A1018
  3. How did I get the information?
  4. Introducing: Intel A1018 ‘Tailor Made’ Notebook Processor
  5. Concluding remarks

I am sure you and I would agree that if a well known company that makes something exclusive for India, it will make a news. However, so far some of these stuff for PC Tech have made a different impression over the years. We had ‘India Specific’ memory kit which would make people over here in India wonder if the company takes the Indian End User, gamer and Power User market seriously. Then there was a time when we had ‘Power Saving’ power supplies bragging session for a very brief moment from at least 2 Tier 1 manufacturers, out of which one of them was reviewed by one of the guys in one of the  Indian Tech forum with ridiculous, wrong and extremely misleading testing method.

And there was a time when we had an Indian Sci-fi/ horrible-excuse-for-a-movie themed Graphic Cards, which was nothing more than a stock reference 560Ti card from 2 GPU manufacturing brands with the leading star’s face stuck on the fan and the movie/character themed cardboard box. There was one more difference- an additional price of Rs. 4,000/- over the retail street price when compared to the non-sci Fi stock version reference GPU. At one point, these non-Sci Fi themed cards were not available, so people ended buying it.

The list goes on, but we give a lot of importance to brand power, label and its presence. Not that I am saying its a bad thing, but it becomes very dangerous when one overlooks the Performance: Price: Power Consumption ratio, depending on the usage, budget, requirement, etc. At the end of the day, the piece of technology that you’re buying is a tool to make your life easier and its obvious you want to get something good for your money

  1. It seems the curious case of event in line of CWG / Coal / 2G/ Augusta Westland and many other and in UPA-II anything is possible :)

  2. WOW! I expected this from cheapo companies and not from Intel. please file an RTI to get more information and benchmark. this case has to be blown wide open.

  3. Acer Gateway is selling Gateway NE46RS1 budget laptop in India with Intel A1018 processor. This laptop is el cheapo and costs $191 or so in India. It is also noted that Acer made this laptop for Indian state of Tamilnadu’s Free Laptop for Students program. Lenovo also makes such cheaper laptops with unknown/unheard hardware from China.

  4. You can use speccy/CPUZ/GPUZ/AIDA64 to know about the specs of a PC, including laptops. PC/Laptop makers cannot fabricate their own chips as the process is very expensive, so there’s no question of ‘unknown’ hardware. Even the BIOS is made by an independent contractor, irrespective of the manufacturer.

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