Cybenetics introduces new PSU certifications for noise and efficiency

Over the years many manufacturers and buyers relied on 80 Plus certifications. The 80 Plus Gold and Platinum certifications being in some of the best power supplies you can get. But a company called Cybenetics is introducing two new certifications. These new certifications are ETA and LAMDA which will help buyers identify better power supplies more accurately. Cybenetics assures that its efficiency ratings have better accuracy compared to the existing power supply certification.

ETA Certificates for Power Supply Efficiency

ETA Badges
ETA Badges
ETA Tables
ETA Certification Levels

They explain,“Contrary to he currently available efficiency rating programs that test only three or four different load points, the ETA program incorporates load combinations using a unique, custom-made application to account for the efficiency results of thousands of different load combinations through a unique proprietary application.

This process allows Cybenetics to use a single value rating to represent the PSU’s true overall efficiency. Unlike the 80 Plus certification, ETA Certificates is based on power factor, standby power, +5V power and the power supply’s overall efficiency. 80 Plus only considers the overall efficiency of a power supply unit, and has certifications beyond Platinum, Gold and Silver which brings in confusion among users when looking at its reliability.

It will provide noise rating based on the unit during its usage.

LAMBDA Certificates for PSU Noise Levels

LAMBDA Certification Levels

Cybenetics says,“Those readings are subsequently converted to sound pressure levels (SPL), averaged, and converted back to dB(A) again. As of this time, to the best of our knowledge, there is no such noise certification program available for IT products. Our purpose in the future is to expand this program to other hardware parts, as well.”

Seasonic first to adopt ETA and LAMBDA certifications

Seasonic is the first Power Supply manufacturer to embrace this certification, with its first unit ‘Prime 650W, 750W and 850W” which received an A (92.269%) ETA rating and AA++ (18.46 dBA) LAMBDA rating. Since Seasonic is already in the program, it is just a matter of time other OEMs and brands get aboard! Cybenetics also promises to have its certification program for other hardware as well.




Useful badge or another tool to charge an extra premium for high efficient PSU??

With certifications that reflect the quality of efficiency in +5v rails and standby power and another for noise, ETA and LAMDA badges will help consumers choose a better power supply. Of Course, this would also mean that these certifications will enable manufacturers to charge a special premium for its high efficient power supplies. It’s all about badges!

Cybenetics introduces new PSU certifications for noise and efficiency from hardware

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