Longsys DDR5 Memory RAM DDR5-6400 1.1v

DDR5-6400 benchmarks on Intel Alder Lake show impressive improvement over DDR4

Now that the  Rocket Lake platform is out and ready to retail in a couple of weeks, AMD and Intel will be prepping its near future DDR5 platform. Of course, this also means we’ll be seeing DDR5 performance on respective platforms. Starting from now. A Chinese based company called Shenzhen Longsys Electronics Co. Ltd. demonstrated its DDR5-6400 memory on the Alder Lake-S CPU clocked at 800MHz base clock and on eight cores.

Two Module Configuration in testing

The company has two modules in developments- the 16GB single rank and the 32GB dual-rank. These run 1.1v with CL40 latency and each module uses eight layered PCB. These are early numbers and we will eventually see better performance numbers as both the memory and CPU platform matures. But based on what’s seen, it seems pretty impressive. Based on the benchmarks, it compared the 32GB C22 DDR4 with the 32GB C40 DDR5. The differences in performance vary between 12% to as high as 112%. While I am not very sure of Master Lu Benchmark, AIDA64 is something many of us can relate to.

The read speeds show 39% over the DDR4 modules and 39% in write and 12% Copy. Naturally, this would result in much higher latency, with DDR4 performing with 56.8ms and DDR5 doing this at a very high latency of 112.1 ms.

About the upcoming platform…

Nothing is really known about AMD and Intel’s next-generation platform, except that it will be using DDR5 memory modules. Most likely we will see most of the users skipping this generation for the next, with Intel gearing up for late 2021 or early 2022 launch. Nothing is known about the DDR5 platform launch with the Ryzen series. But late 2021 is not too far away. And we will get to hear a series of leaks and official information about the upcoming platform.

Whether it is AMD and Intel, desktop platforms moving ahead with newer adoption after every generation is a good sign. The newly announced Rocket Lake-S is not an exception even though many would have liked to see better hardware offerings with lesser power draw and on the 10nm fab. Can Alder Lake right the wrongs? Time will tell!

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