Delhi Media launch coverage: Corsair & Partners 2.5L Dream PC Launch [Edited content: 08-02-11]

Just a quick update. Came back from Delhi. Here’s what Corsair India did:

NEW DELHI / BANGALORE, India — February 7, 2011 — Corsair®, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, today announced the launch and availability of the Rs 2.5Lakh Ultimate Dream PC, targeted at gamers at the pinnacle of their profession striving for a competitive edge where gaming tournament decisions and response times are measured in nano-seconds and heroes can be reduced to zeroes in a blink of an eye.

Corsair and partners have selected the best PC gaming and digital entertainment components available in India to create a masterpiece of hardware, enabling Ultimate Dream PC pilots, split second sensory advantages such as detection of enemy footsteps and reduced game lag resulting in offensive maneuver advantages. The Ultimate Dream PC is a thoroughbred Gaming machine and also features the very latest in digital entertainment technologies including Blu-ray DVD, 3D LCD monitor, and Dolby 5.1 surround sound for a truly immersive entertainment experience.
Corsair forecasts explosive double-digit growth for the Indian PC gaming market in 2011 with over 10 million India gamers spending 5 or more hours a week gaming online” commented Scott Thirlwell, Director of Sales – APAC at Corsair. “The fastest growing PC gaming segment is the youth market aged between 16 – 25 yrs old. Online social media such as Facebook is introducing a huge new audience to basic online games and our research shows a large number taking gaming a step further with hardcore 3D games requiring mid to high-level gaming PC hardware. This is a huge market opportunity for Corsair partners in India“.
To a growing number of computing enthusiasts the PC has evolved from a simple productivity tool into a status symbol and object of desire amongst their community of fellow enthusiasts” commented M A Mannan, Country Manager – India at Corsair. “Corsair is providing the hardware building blocks to enable variations of the Dream PC to suit individual needs and personality“.
The Dream PC is available in three flavors, targeting different segments of the India PC gaming/entertainment ecosystem.
1.    Ultimate Dream PC – If the old saying “A gamer is only as good as his hardware” is accurate then it’s safe to say an Ultimate Dream PC pilot has reached the pinnacle in gaming. The Ultimate Dream PC represents the absolute state of the art in high performance computing and when the gaming is wrapped up a complete suite of cutting edge entertainment is waiting to be unleashed. Entertainment features include Blu-ray DVD, Samsung 3D LCD 22 inch monitor, NVidia 3D glasses with 5.1 Dolby surround sound provided by Corsair HS1 headset and M-Audio speaker set. Corsair’s 800D cabinet houses the hardware driving the Ultimate Dream PC that reads like the who’s who of the hardware industry. Intel’s latest 3.4GHz Sandy Bridge CPU and three powerful NVidia SLI graphics cards from Zotac provide stunning processing horsepower. Storage includes Corsair’s 120GB SSD enabling lightening fast start up and game load times while main storage is WD’s massive 1 terabyte hard drive. Corsair’s Dominator GT 12GB, 2000MHz kit of memory, 1200W AX power supply, H70 CPU water cooler, Asus P8P67 Deluxe motherboard, Razer and Logitech peripherals round out the package. MRP: Rs 2.5L
2.    Gamer Dream PC – A powerful gaming package by anyone’s standards, the Gamer Dream PC offers best of class technologies with serious gaming in mind. Corsair’s 600T cabinet houses Intel’s latest 3.1GHz Sandy Bridge CPU with two powerful NVidia SLI graphics cards from Zotac providing the processing horsepower. Corsair’s 60GB force SSD and WD’s 500GB HDD provide a perfect balance of fast system boot/load speed and large capacity storage. Corsair’s Vengeance 8GB, 1600MHz kit of memory, 600W GS power supply, A70 CPU air cooler, Asus motherboard, Razer and Logitech peripherals round out the package. MRP: Rs 99,000.
3.    Custom Dream PC – Enables PC enthusiasts to mix and match gaming components to individualize their PC building experience and come up with the system that perfectly fits their computing needs and personal style.
Ultimate Dream PC and Gamer Dream PC are backed by Corsair’s 3 year Dream Service warranty. The Dream Service encompasses a dedicated Dream PC support 1-800 line as well as on-site support at Corsair’s 23 service centers nationwide.
Gaming Market in India
In 2010, the total size of the Indian computer gaming market was estimated at 8.3 million participants broken down into 7.2 million PC gamers, 1.1 million console gamers (Xbox, PS2, Wii etc). With 32% annual growth forecast, 2011 will see the computer gaming market grow to 10.8 million participants. The profile of an “average India gamer” paints the picture of a well educated (SEC A1/A1+ category) mid-20s, prominently male, who spends an average of 20 hours a week gaming.
The three variants of the Dream PC are available for order through Corsair national distributors, Aditya Infotech, Inspan Infotech and Tirupati Enterprises.  
Ultimate Dream PC
MRP: Rs 250,000
Gamer Dream PC
MRP: Rs 99,000
Corsair 800D
Corsair 600T
Power Supply (SMPS)
Corsair 1200AX (1200 Watts)
Corsair 600GS
Asus P8P67 Deluxe
Asus P8H67-M
Intel Corei7 2600 Sandybridge Processor (3.4GHz)
Intel Corei5 2400 Sandybridge Processor (3.1GHz)
3-way SLI – Zotac NVidia GTX 570
2-way SLI – Zotac NVidia GTS 450 1GB AMP Edition
Corsair CMT12GX3M3A2000C9     3 x 4GB, 2000MHz, Dominator GT
Corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9     2 x 4GB, 1600MHz ,Vengeance
CPU Cooler
Corsair H70 Hydro CPU Cooler
Corsair A70 Air CPU Cooler
Corsair 120GB Force SSD
Corsair 60GB Force SSD
Sony Blu-ray DVD RW
Razer BlackWidow Ultimate
Razer BlackWidow
Razer Mamba
Razer Lachesis
Logitech Force 3D Pro
Logitech Attack 3
Samsung Syncmaster 2233 RZ 22″ Gaming LCD Monitor
LG 2240 22″ LED Monitor
3D Vision Glasses
NVidia 3D Vision
Sound Card
M-Audio Delta 1010LT
M-Audio BX5A Deluxe
Gaming Headset
Corsair HS1 with 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound
Operating System
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

And Yes, I did point out about the board and the LCD screen. Its just a launch but Mr. Thirwell said this isn’t the end of it and we shall see better configs and maybe lower end. He also give a clue that there will be a PC Chassis launch of a lower cost hopefully by this June when we were one of those group chats.

I did have a series of QnA round during and after the Press Conference with Mr. Thirwell. Stay tuned, I will be putting this soon on the next post hopefully by tomorrow so stay tuned.

Update: BTW, just missed it. If you’ve checked the “2.5L Dream PC” photos closely, the system with the 3x 570 has 3 cards on the board alright, but the 3rd one doesn’t have a PCIE connectors on the card, nor there is a tri SLI bridge on the 3rd card.

I am not into Intel yet as I am yet to find someone to supply stuff from Intel for evaluation purposes, but thanks to a source to gave me a clue and Asus board’s config profile, p67 chipsets require an NF200 chip to do anything more than an SLI on x16 mode. The 3rd slot runs in x4 mode.


Natively, 2 slots run on x8 on SLI and on single card it runs on x16 mode. You need anything more than that, you need an NF200 chipset- like how the UD9 has for Quad support and certain boards have for TRI Support on x16 mode.
I am not too sure how the PCIE lanes are distributed on that Asus board (Asus P8P67 Deluxe), I wouldn’t put this up in display or put this on retail and pitch it as a Tri-SLI system. Dual SLI, probably. X8 might be good enough but I don’t have the resources to test it. Nevertheless, the relevant personnel is informed accordingly incase if these end up being in retail. Once I get any word from the concerned people, rest assured it will be put up.

While you’re at it, please read Hardware BBQ’s QnA session with Corsair: QnA Session with Corsair guys (During and After the Conference): Bringing in the BBQ Grills!!

  1. You have done a great job by informing them about this issue,If I'm not wrong the first 2x cards will run at x8 mode and the last one in X4 mode though two cards running in x8 mode does not impacts performance of sli – the performance of of the card running at x4 mode will not be utilized fully.I'm more surprised to see the absence of SLI bridge and power connector as well though as you have pointed them to this isue they might fix it.

  2. :) Thanks to all the readers and followers who not only read my reviews and follow it, but also even check up on dates. So far BBQ is a one man show but so far I am proved I am surely The Sorcerer.Yeah you are the second person to appreciate my efforts by letting me know ;). The first person actually PMed me yesterday and put this up on his own will : respects to you guys. Cheers.-I dont think i would be gunned down or anything, atleast i hope not. maybe couple of folks say something behind my back but i see the good of the community. i told company reps that i will help you guys in any way i can provided its an honest company with honest products and honest marketing (Read: No flowerly language unless its proven). Forums are being watched. So are review sites. yeah i did rant it out a lot but almost all of them dont have anything against me- or atleast i dont see it :P.Whatever, I am The Sorcerer. My intention is clear. I do my work, others do their work. I find something odd and so do they. The guy who came from Chip was the one who had a slight doubt about the board, if it does support TRI SLI properly, but he wasn't familiar with the board and I wasn't familiar with the chipset, but the pics posted up showed it all. BTW- both the systems were switched on at the time of taking photograph. This rig was used with Nvidia 3D glasses. I am sure its not a final thing and seriously doubt it will come in the retail market. There are 2 entities building a pre-built systems within their own brand, but someone has started a new thing where it will raise that Dream PC bar much higher. He did say that he would send me a review piece once its ready, so yeah- keep an eye out for the BBQ's first ;).

  3. U caught zebronics using an outdated forum poll as a reason for advertising "The most favoured brand by techenclave". U caught gigabyte pr who was bumping up a 2008 poll. U caught multiple Indian review sources and displayed their issues. u even showed that a extreme overclocker is simply going around multiple forums and hunting noobs to follow them but they are doing it for show. u even warned about the units suddenly getting quality drop way before other news guys did on the forums itself. you are a very old guy who has been in the forums for atleast a decade? even techenclave mods try to shy away from your comments or try to defend their own people. many people religiously follow you as an individual because ur the only hope left that things can improve. U R THE SORCEROR!not that i don't appreciate your effort but dont you think company and media personnel will plan something to damage your credibility? or do you think you can make them improve big time. in any case i always read your posts in the evening and its always an honour that someone is working hard to point out the facts and that one man can take so much work load.

  4. wow not expected from Corsair. Or did the distributors come up with a brilliant plan? I seriously doubt Corsair can do such an oversight. I mean come on! x4/x8 mode Tri SLI with that card on that screen? Without the PCIE power connectors and the SLI Bridge. Wait, does the board even come with a tri SLI bridge?

  5. that config is not equal and it is re-mix

    and here my link via

    cause i built my config detail come with

    Intel 2500k oc 5.2 ghz push and pull AT Evercooler transformer Asrock z68 genZ68 Extreme4 Gen3 MBBOARD )640 gb and 1 TB and 2TB WD, 128 GB SSD OCZ sata3 leadtek Nvidia gtx 580 plus Zotac 580 GTX in SLI ready Logitech mx518 and G15 keyboard & AcerGD245HQ With Nvidia 3D vision 2 Coolmaster Slientpro 1000 watt 2×4 =8 gb ddr3 ram Corsiar Trident 1600 mhz & corsair Obsidian 800D

    where i spend around 1.8 Lakh only

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