Devil’s Canyon will work with Intel Z87 chipset motherboards

A post in Xtremesystems sparked a conversation where it implied that Intel was not providing Devil’s Canyon support for the existing LGA1150 socket Intel Z87 Chipset motherboards. I’ve done the obvious and asked a question to Intel if there was such restriction. Intel replied, saying that Intel Z87 will work with Devil’s Canyon with Intel Z87 chipset motherboards, but the BIOS needs to be updated.

Paul McKeon from Intel said,”The answer is yes (you’ll need to make sure you update the BIOS of course).”

As of now, Asus was the first one who released a BETA BIOS for its ROG labelled Z87 motherboards which implied by the forum members that the Tier 1 manufacturer ‘rebelled’ against Intel by providing support. However, the response from Intel was missing, which obviously would raise a suspicion in anyone’s mind if that’s the case. Question now applies to other motherboard manufacturers: Will they provide Devil’s Canyon support for their Intel Z87 chipset motherboards???

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