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DOOM for PC will not be locked at 60 FPS

Currently, Doom Open BETA is going on and there has been a concern that the final version of the game would be capped at 60 FPS just like the currently open BETA. However, Bethesda recently reassured DOOM’s fanbase that the PC variant will not have a framerate cap on the retail version. Rather it was just for the PC. The only limiting factor will only be your graphic card and the monitor’s capability.

Bethesda also said that it will be releasing more DOOM for PC details by next week.

Another most common requirements that PC gamers demand is the currently popular 21:9 support, followed by 1440p and 4K resolution support. The open BETA’s resolution is also locked at 1080p with no advance in-game video settings. Hopefully, all of this would be available once the retail version is out. Doom will be out for the PC on May 13th. The Open BETA version started past Friday and Nvidia also released a hotfix driver for this BETA variant. There have been few more requests being made by those who are testing it, including an option to disable DOOM’s matchmaking system.

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