Dragon Age: Inquisition is not available for India due to breach of local content laws


Though the specifics are not been mentioned, Electronic Arts announced in their EA Help section that Dragon Age: Inquisition will not be on retail shelves in India. This applies only only for physical copies, but also digital copies that was purchased via Origin.

According to the post, EA said that the reason they have withdrawn Dragon Age: Inquisition is because they wished to avoid the breach of local laws. I’ve asked DAI via twitter if they can give any specifics.

Those who have purchased it via Origin will also get their refunds. As of now, Indian gamers will see the game listed in their EA Origin but EA says that will be removed soon.

ea origin dai

To those who have pre-ordered the game, their money will be refunded irrespective of the payment method and date of purchase. Meanwhile, Dragon Age: Inquisition pre-order is pulled out from Amazon India and Flipkart, but FK would let you know via email if/when it’s available.

Edit (16.11.2014): Although this isn’t the official reason that EA has voiced, it is assumed that most likely EA India may have took it upon themselves not to sell the game in India due to same-sex relationships to avoid future conflicts. It is also assumed that maybe the game was prohibited for sale by the government (for a game that wasn’t release at the time of announcement and refund?), but it should be noted that in any case EA and EA India did not point that reason out. It simply doesn’t make sense not to mention to say that the game is barred from selling the game in India- unless its not the government that stopped the sales, but rather EA/EA India decided to do so due to avoid possible conflicts. It should be reminded that Mass Effect series were being sold in physical and digital formats with no hiccups. The same applies to previous DragonAge titles. The only difference from them and now is that the older games came at the time when the congress party was in power, and now the BJP. However, it should be noted that I am not implying that the BJP-led government may have banned the game, because EA might have decided not to sell the game to avoid the situation, and put up a conveniently vague reason to their pre-order customers and hidden away in their EA Help sections.

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