Frostbite 3 is not just optimized for AMD: EA

Speculations were on the rise when EA and AMD were collaborating on the Frostbite 3 engine which will be used in Battlefield 4 to have better support with AMD Radeon GPUs. Now both the companies have made a statement put the speculation to rest.

It all started during E3, when EA announced a new partnership with AMD which implied in some ways that the games with Frostbite 2 engine will be more optimized for Radeon series graphic cards. Titles title Need for Speed Rivals, Mirror’s Edge 2 and Battlefield 4 will be using this game engine. On top of it, many games titles were associated with AMD, especially for the game bundles that were bundled with the specific Radeon card models, such as Tomb Raider and Crysis 3.

It also should be noted that AMD has significantly upper hand over Nvidia as it makes chips exclusively for Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U, which frames such speculation as nearly believable.

AMD issued the following statement:

“It makes sense that game developers would focus on AMD hardware with AMD hardware being the backbone of the next console generation. At this time, though, our relationship with DICE and EA is exclusively focused on Battlefield 4 and its performance optimizations for AMD CPUs, GPUs and APUs. Additionally, the AMD Gaming Evolved program undertakes no efforts to prevent our competition from optimizing for games before their release.”

EA Games said:

“DICE has a partnership with AMD specifically for Battlefield 4 on PC to showcase and optimize the game for AMD hardware. This does not exclude DICE from working with other partners to ensure players have a great experience across a wide set of PCs for all their titles.”


It’s a surprising move by AMD nonetheless, considering the massive upper hand they have at the moment. Now that AMD Radeon didn’t flex their muscles (yet) to have an upper hand on games over Nvidia, it will be interesting to see how the green team faces AMD Radeon in Desktop GPU market for the coming few months.

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