EA India to ditch selling PC games in physical discs

EA India makes a move that will annoy Indian gamers who buy their games in a physical disc format due to low-bandwidth speed stifled further with dated fair usage policies. A source pointed out that EA India will be selling its game releases to be sold via Origin and digital stores only. Retailers were also told to de-list pre-orders for EA’s games in disc versions for upcoming PC games.


Console game discs are not affected. This wouldn’t be the right time to force gamers towards digital download, considering the stifled internet speed and bandwidth. Physical discs simply help to reduce the download of large-sized games.

This isn’t the first time EA India is making an odd move. Much earlier, the company also hiked the prices of games in India as according to its distributor Milestone Interactive said in the recent interview that decrease of prices did not result in the increase of sales. Though it should be noted that retailers were not able to sell first shipments EA titles such as Need for Speed: Rivals since the price revision.

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