EA gives detailed information about Frostbite 3

EA has been bragging about the Frostbite 3 engine that will be used for the upcoming title Battlefield 4. The designers emphasized on the engine’s capability to create more believable environments by showing clippings and examples of how the engine works.

The designers said that the engine is a single unified engine that will run on iPhone and even on next-generation consoles (strangely, PC reference was not taken) which allows the designers to ‘way more’ than they usually could before.

Examples were given, such as trees will be moving according to the wind and the shock from explosions, and there is a sync between wind blowing the trees and ocean waves in a scene with islands. The game engine takes care of this process on its own, together with environmental destruction such as collapse or explosion of a building or even a fighter plane pushed towards the sea as the aircraft carrier starts sinking. EA calls it ‘levelution’.

This process also is applied on multiplayer gameplay. Players in multiplayer maps will be able to see the same waves, something that they refer to it as ‘networked’ water simulation. EA emphasized that they will be a generous amount of gameplay on high seas. Together with the engine’s capability to make immersive characters and even lifelike rendering of the eyes and a believable “look”.

Check out the video to see how Frostbite 3 engine looks:

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