Wii U is crap: EA Senior Engineer

EA’s senior software engineer and Architect Bob Summerwill was either brutally honest about Nintendo’s Wii U console or senselessly bashing the company for reasons we would probably not know on Twitter (though he has removed them now, its too late now!). Whether he’s being a jerk or simply voicing out his opinion openly? That’s for you to decide.

He said that Wii U is crap and it is less powerful than Microsoft’s Xbox 360. He also said that EA won’t be developing any games for this console and also said that Nintendo is operating their company as if they’re in the 90s. He also ended up saying that Nintendo was always very poor revenue-wise for the game makers.

One of the tweets that sum up his opinion and indicated that EA won’t be making games for Nintendo Wii U was:

“Instead, they make this awful console. It is an utterly intentional decision to focus our resources on markets which actually matter.”

Bob is working with EA since January ’99 and before that, he has worked with Psygnosis which then became Sony Liverpool and eventually it was shut down.






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