EagleTree now owns Majority Share in Corsair

Majority of Corsair’s stake acquired for $ 525 Million

It is announced that EagleTree Capital has made an agreement. The investment company owns the majority of the stake in the PC component brand Corsair. As a part of the deal, CEO Andy Paul will have some stake in the company while maintaining his role. While the press releases are filled with positive quotes from the CEO and the partners of EagleTree, there is a concern that this would affect the end product and may not be as good as it would be.

Would the deal affect future products?

It is too early to say. Earlier, Corsair had a partnership with Francisco Partners. This resulted in a wider range of computer peripherals, components, and cooling systems. The deal was for $525 Million. Most likely this would help the brand achieve deeper penetration in the global PC market and have a better financial strength at the same time. In a forum, one of the representatives ‘Corsair George’ confirmed they own a surprisingly large number of patents and numerous pending patents. If an investment company has an interest in something and acquires a company involving that field, it can be a beneficial arrangement.

As they say- Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst!

But why Corsair?

EagleTree Capital did make it clear the move was made due to the rise of eSports and streaming. Because of gaming, PC has become one of the world’s ‘diverse markets’. Though to be fair, those who appreciate high-end hardware and stream games or play them professionally have some traits in common. As of now, Corsair will continue as a private company.

Disclosure: Hardware BBQ blacklisted the company’s PR entity due to its unethical practices. This news is provided by affiliated partners.

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