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Leaked ECC listings shows a plethora of Gigabyte Intel 400-series Motherboards

The all-new Intel CPUs and motherboards are expected to come during the first half of 2020. The motherboard partners are ready for the launch with its plethora of Intel 400-series motherboard offerings, atleast from Gigabyte/ AORUS. This is based on a list of Gigabyte/ AORUS Z490, H410, B460 and Q470 chipset motherboards conveniently leaked via the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission). While it doesn’t confirm any of the chipset features or motherboard designs, we can know how many Intel motherboards to expect from Gigabyte/ AORUS at the time of launch.

Intel Chipset Nomenclature

These are classified as Intel 400-series motherboards: Z490, B460, H470, H410 and Q470. Intel maintains the same motherboard Prefix for different price segments, starting from the enthusiast-level Z series, through the H, H and the Q series. Gigabyte has a plethora of Z, B and H series motherboards while limiting its AORUS and Gaming sub-branding up to B460 chipsets. Apparently, there was speculation that Intel would have Z470 chipset motherboards. It is unsure as of now if Intel skipped it or its something Intel would launch much after the initial 10th generation CPU and chipset launches.

10nm Intel Socket 2100 CPUs

What’s known so that is that the upcoming Intel 400-series motherboards are made for the 10nm Comet Lake-S and Tiger Lake CPUs. These will be moving away from LGA 115x socket, and shift to the all-new LGA 1200. This might not grow well for existing LGA 115x users as it limits their physical compatibility. Unlike AMD’s AM4 platform which has a set of compatibility between Ryzen 1 gen up to Ryzen 3rd gen motherboards and CPUs.

ECC’s motherboard Listings

Z490 Aorus EliteQ470M D3HB460 HD3H410N
Z490 DH470 HD3B460M Aorus ProH410 D3
Z490 Gaming XH470M D3HB460M D2VH410M A
Z490 WhiteB460M D3HH410M DS2
Z490M DS3HB460M D3PH410M DS2V
Z490M Gaming XB460M D3VH410M H
B460M DS3HH410M HD3
B460M Gaming HDH410M S2
B460M HD3H410M S2H
B460M PowerH410M S2P
H410M S2V

Judging by Gigabyte’s model nomenclature, there is a good number of mATX form factors. This wasn’t the case with AMD X570 motherboards. Even now, the following are the mATX motherboards available in the market:

I do find the Gigabyte Z490 White motherboard’s listing very interesting. It would be interesting to see a white PCB motherboard (or with a white print, similar to ASROCK Taichi’s logo imprinted on the motherboard’s PCB).

Intel 10nm Comet Lake and Tiger Lake CPUs for 2020

The Intel Comet Lake-S CPUs is expected to have 125w, 65w and 35w TDP variants throughout the SKUs. There will be SKUs up to 10 cores and 20 threads. supporting up to 2666MHz DDR4 memory modules.

According to a source, the chipset will have integrated support for WiFi 80211 AX and Bluetooth 5, Thunderbolt 3, Intel Smart Sound Technology with quad-core audio DSP and plenty of encoding/ decoding capabilities.

It should be safe to assume the upcoming Intel motherboards will support PCIe 4.0 lanes. It is not sure if the Comet Lake CPUs would support them. AMD Ryzen 3rd generation CPUs and X570 motherboards support PCIe 4.0 lanes. The 10nm Tiger Lake CPUs are expected to come in the latter half of 2020.

Leaked ECC listings shows plethora of upcoming Gigabyte Intel 400-series Motherboards from HardwareBBQ

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