Elgato Wave:1 Wave:3 USB Microphones

Elgato launches Wave:1 and Wave:3 mics with digital mixing utility

Corsair’s streaming peripherals division Elgato has released two USB microphones- Wave:1 and Wave:3, its first and therefore providing all streaming components, peripherals and accessories (except webcam for now).  Both microphones are cardioid condenser based USB mics with a 24-bit converter.

Aftermarket accessories for Elgato Wave microphones

​Along with the mics, Elgato has some accessories, boom arm, shock mount and a pop filter made for the Wave:1 and the Wave:3. Elgato advertises a ‘multi-layered noise shield’ in these microphones.

The Elgato Wave:1 and Wave:3 have features typical of a premium USB microphone- latency-free monitoring and a suitable low-cut filter. While Elgato usually pitches itself towards streamers, microphones are used by podcasters, Youtube/ other social media content creators. Typically, both microphones use desk stand but it appears to have many accessories, boom arm included.

Feature Comparison

Wave:1 Wave:3
Wave link software
Clip guard
PC audio return via USB
Realtime monitoring
Enhanced low cut filter
Headphone output
Capacitive mute
Control dial Headphone Volume, Mute Headphone Volume, Input Gain, Mic/PC Monitor Crossfade
Max sample rate 48 kHz 96 KHz
Capsule style Condenser
Connection USB

Paper specs only say so much, but it shows the difference in capacitive mute, control dials and max sample rate. Unlike some microphones like the Samson Q2U and the Razer Seirin Pro, these Wave microphones do not provide XLR output. It makes sense for the intended market. Elgato can always have more variations in the future if they feel the need for it.




United States

United Kingdom

For some reason, Corsair did not mention MSRP for its microphones, let alone for its accessories. But Elgato listed both mics and some of its accessories. Wave:3 is listed for $159.99 in the US.

While it appears Corsair is late to the party, Elgato provides a mixer utility which works with its microphone, setting itself apart. Its ‘Wave Link’ mixer utility is built for Youtube creation, keeping streams and podcasts in mind. It provides nine channels- game audio, voice chat, music, alerts, samples, multiple mic and others. The benefit of this is equivalent to a real mixer- blend audio source and effects in near time. Though it doesn’t replace soundboards, it gives good coverage for many of its userbases. GoXLR is one such manufacturer but works only with XLR microphones. Seeing that there is a gap that nobody filled, this is it.

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