End Users “lulz” as Shahrukh Khan and Palit releases Special Edition Ra.One graphic cards

If you thought doing too much PR will create a buzz or associate a movie with gamers/PC hardware for a publicity stunt, then you thought wrong.

 Nvidia proudly says the following:
“NVIDIA provided the technology which made the mind-blowing VFX in Ra.One possible,” said Shahrukh Khan. “Entertainment is evolving – movies and games are irresistibly connected and Ra.One is a perfect example. This movie is actually about a computer game! Just as GPUs were fundamental to the making of Ra.One, they are the key ingredient in every PC.NVIDIA GeForce G.One Signature Edition graphics cards put the same GPU technology which made Ra.Onein the hands of consumers to power their personal entertainment hub, the PC.”

And it goes on:

“Both NVIDIA and Shahrukh Khan’s passion for gaming has been brought together at this massive gaming tournament. And the GeForce G.One Signature Edition graphics card are testimony to that,” statedVishal Dhupar, Managing Director, Asia – South, NVIDIA. “NVIDIA has always been at the forefront of visual technology. We are proud to partner with Ra.One to bring avid gamers an experience they will cherish!”

A lot of Indian Users are well-aware of the hordes of advertisement that makers of Ra.one are over-aggresively pushing to promote their movie. This year’s Nvidia GeForce Lan 2011 that was sponsored by Nvidia and Alienware also hosted a Press meet to showcase the ‘new’ Ra. One edition graphic cards. After seeing the press pictures, it was obvious that one of the “signature edition” cards is nothing more than GTX560Ti made by Palit.

Unfortunately it didn’t turn out “hunky dory” since this seem to have provided a 2 minute entertainment on 2 Indian based tech forums- Techenclave and Think Digit, as the words used by most members pretty much sums up most user’s opinion:

wrong celebrities are dying this month

What a shame,celebs ruining the game fest,Someone must’ve lost deliberately by seeing raone print over gtx560ti

Bored with too much Ra.One poster. There are more great game to play instead of Raone. Shahrukh is every where promoting his movie. Even at gaming events. Its too much.

So GTX 560 Tis and GT520s powered the CG in Ra.One? Then the CG must be terrible (low res and everything).

One of the Digit forum members went 1 step ahead by “re-correcting” the press release content from Nvidia India’s website:

“Shahrukh Khan also felicitated the champion gamers who had emerged victorious in the various tournaments held through the day, but was later seen to be yawning widely and looking disinterested as the prizes were given out. He claimed that he was there “for doing service to his fellow gaymers”(sic). NVIDIA GeForce LAN saw an overwhelming response with over 9000*10^-3 enthusiasts registering to participate in the tournament. At the end of the day-long gaming battle, only six emerged victorious from amongst nearly 600*10^-2 gamers who battled it out for the dubious crown of the ‘Ultimate Gamer’. It is said to be a mythical crown made out of exotic materials like phase frozen vespene gas and fossilized treant wood.”

“Both NVIDIA and Shahrukh Khan’s bashing for gaming has been brought together at this dismissive gaming tournament. And the GeForce G.One Signature Edition graphics card are testimony to that force of economics called “milking a dead cow dry”,” stated, Vishal Dhupar, Managing Director, Asia – South, NVIDIA. “NVIDIA has always been at the back/aft of visual technology. We are proud to partner with Ra.One to bring stupid gamers an experience they will never cherish, because we will charge exorbitant fees to put a simple sticker on a average card that reads “srk pwned j00, sucka!!””

Also, this continued towards facebook pages as well. Quoting a comment:

nV certified hardware will have capability of playing extra content from the dvd which includes but not limited to cutscenes from maya memsaab*

*Offer valid uptil SRK lasts

Lets be honest: movie stars with consumer products? Might work. PC hardware products? Seriously doubted. There were times when even Pro Gamers sided with companies with special edition graphic card that usually turned out to be a premium price comparing the reference version of the same card and of the next model, with little or no difference in specs. People prefer performance and price with decent amount of service. I did ask Nvidia India’s PR about the specs of this “signature edition” card (of which I wouldn’t be surprised if its nothing more than Shahrukh Khan’s face and a bump on the price) but just like all questions I’ve asked in the past, they either do not reply to a basic question- or worse give a vague oneliner equivalent of a sales pitch.

Do you want to be his chamak chalo? Whatever works for you!

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