Event Coverage: Asus India’s ROG Tournament 2 (Mumbai)- Day 2

Jumping on Day 2: The finals

Gamers have arrived (some of them) and waiting for the big cheques!!

Some are planning (the team with the Ipad is Clan TAG), whereas some are discussing and some are chilling with NFS: HP on 3D screen (I think he’s from Fatal Toxic 5).


The cafe turned out to be way too crowded so spectator screen to the rescue again

Other than that, nothing new was there to be seen, except Roccat’s “shipment” finally arrived.

Roccat caps and few mousmats.

I was on the front with the other guys when FIFA 10 finals were happening. Respects to Toolius. He spent his time on Day 2 as well. A lot of people were showing interests and during the explanation, one of the reps pointed out the lan centre and said “ROG certified gaming centres”. Finally, Asus is making good steps in gaming (where is counts the most) unlike certain manufacturers who use such opportunity with the motive to compete against the competitors.

I met some of the Asus India guys before but these 2 days were the times I personally hanged around with them. Amit Jaokar, Technical manager of Asus India was there for Day 1 and Day 2. Don’t get me wrong, but I am used to see managers coming around with suits to just check around maybe once in the entire event to see if the product is reflected but not him. He, toolius, Anil max and the rest of the guys were there from start to finish of the event- day 1 and day 2. That’s what brands like Asus needs in India, managers that can make quick decisions. My expectations from Asus India just got a 1up increase, so I would like to see such events happening not just in Mumbai but in many places. Republic of Gamers certified cafe is a sure-shot way of achieving that provided everything is delivered smoothly all the way. Take note: Active participation from the management is way more important than simply sponsoring an event and maybe a booth somewhere. Provided its the right guy for the right job it makes a good impression.

Goes without saying- “Republic of Gamers” stands true to its name, creating (or attempting to create one) a network between lan centres and gamers. As far as what I’ve heard, these certified centres will be powered with Asus graphic cards and motherboards (need to re-confirm if they are giving ROG series boards or just those standard boards) but nice move.

Other than that, 2 of the demo systems were powered up by Kingston, Nvidia cards were used so by default in the cards, roccat gave out the mousemats and caps+ displayed only one mouse and a very small keyboard. During the day 2 lan events, players were using standard standard boards (not from Roccat) with roccat mouse and with mousepads (not from Roccat either). Few COD4 players also were using their house mouse and FIFA 10 players used their own controllers.

Time for the finals. It was TAG Vs. TOD. I was supposed to get the COD4 Demo video but the centre owner taken the server which contained the video with him. Lots of ups and downs, awesome shots with close shaves. It was difficult even for regular gamers who have played with and against these teams to roughly predict who will win. Common call during the final gaming event “GG Psycho!!!!”.

The COD4 match was over!!!!

This is the end result:

Cheques are being filled (credits to Toolius as his was the only person with a good enough hand writing for the moment) And to the victor goes the spoils:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Toolius hands over the cheque board of Rs. 3,000/- to Clan TOD III alongwith Roccat caps. They got the cash on the spot.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Rishi gives a cheque board of Rs. 5,000/- to clan TAG with Roccat Taito.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Amit Gaokar forwards the cheque board of Rs. 10,000/- with Roccat Sense to clan TOD.

These are the prizes given to FIFA 10 3rd and 2nd runner-up and the winner (Need to look up their names and how they won. Can’t read the board clearly).

There ya go folks, the entire coverage (Day 1 and Day 2) of the Asus Republic of gamers Tournament. Wouldn’t have happened much without the Memory partners Kingston, GPU Partner Nvidia, DSK as “education partner”, (but obvious) Asus taking care of the rest of the hardware and Roccat for stuff & brilliant cafe setup+ lightning from Gamespace, Link Road, Andheri West Mumbai. Once I get the COD4 demo of the finals, I’ll put it up over here.

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