[Event Coverage] DSK Supinfocom presents Gamekshetra

I’ve been invited by Asus India team for a 4 day thing with a gaming event that they are doing with DSK supinfocom. Here is is: Hardware BBQ’s coverage of epic sized gaming event….

We came to the DSK Campus, Pune about 12 o clock yesterday. Few people were working for 2 days straight with no sleep putting the event together.

So we taken about 5 hours of sleep and started everything from scratch. We have put together 23 systems with everything brand new- 555BE, 4gigs ram, Asus’ 880G boards and GPUs with gaming headset, mouse, mousepads and keyboards all thanks to Razer. We spent the entire day and night (with 3 hours of sleep before the event to spare) putting the systems together, installing and testing the entire setup.

The entire morning and afternoon went for getting the stuff together. Little bit of an issue in the middle but the Asus guys were able to take of it. The thing was we spent the entire time till the start of the event and this how it went:

And for those who know:

THE ENTIRE EVENT was taken care by Rapture Gaming’s Yogesh Nagdev and his team, alongwith Neetu Saraogi, Manager Marketing, DSKIC and aided by Mr. Pranay Rawat, Executive Marketing, DSKIC.

Razer stuff arrived around 7-8 in the night, sealing the deal and we had about everything we needed.

Someone said: Where there’s lan, there’s always the usual cable mess :P

Inauguration started at about 10:30 am

Registrations are still going on. Asus ROG is hosting COD4, FIFA 11 via xbox 360, DOTA via Alienware gaming notebooks and some other systems. If you’re still in Pune, do note that this event is on till Sunday (Saturday night all night long event) with about 650 gamers (as per what I’ve being told) and still counting.


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