EVGA now bundles MB drivers on USB flash drives

USB Drives to be provided even for H370 chipset motherboards

The global product manager for EVGA, Jacob Freeman, mentioned on Twitter about ditching driver discs for USB and provided with future EVGA motherboards. This is a big move as nobody decided to follow the natural transition. Despite many users have discarded optical drives enough to make most PC case makers not include a space for one, motherboard and graphics card makers seem to be stuck with DVD discs. This was told to manufacturers many times but nothing really concrete was made. All it needed was one manufacturer to start this exercise for others to follow. Not surprisingly, it was EVGA that started this. As a surprise, it was this will also be included with Intel H370 models, starting with its H370 Stinger.

Jacob Freeman is doubtful other manufacturers will follow suit but admitted that someone had to set a standard for 2018.

Yeah, way overdue!

Why bother with a physical copy?

While it is the best practice to download-and-install the latest drivers, having a local copy in a storage is a good practice. Unlike an optical disc, the user can keep the updated drives on a USB stick- and maybe keep some more utilities. At some point, mid-to-high end graphics card may do this? Time will tell.

EVGA now bundles MB drivers on USB flash drives from hardware

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