EVGA Z370 Classified K

EVGA releases Z370 Motherboards- Classified K, FTW and Micro

Three EVGA Z370 Motherboard SKUs- Classified K, FTW and Micro!

Rather than going crazy with 10-15 motherboard launches at the same time, EVGA has three SKUs for its Z370 lineup- the Z370 Classified K, Z370 FTW and the Z370 micro!

The Z370 Micro gets my first attention as it is featured packed with essentials. So I would like to see more mATX form-factor motherboards appealing to the majority of the crowd. The features also include a dual-band WiFi and BT with a single m.2 slot, dual DDR4 DIMMs supporting up to 32GB 4133+ MHz, two-way SLI, onboard buttons for CMOS clear, power and reset. An RGB header which is a standard in many mid-end motherboards, and an Intel NIC. There are six PWM fan headers and has two switchable UEFI bios with 11 phase chokes. True to their marketing line, it makes a good impression the Z370 Micro is made for those who want mainstream performance. Some of those headers and connectors are right-angled with the cut-off area for the 24-pin ATX connector and an additional 12V ATX connector next to the EPS- which obviously implies this is made keeping extreme overclocking as well. The MOSFET/VRM sinks are actually sunk which is something really nice to see for a change. ‘Reinforced’ PCIe and memory slots are also a standard in mid-end motherboards so these are also not an exception.

Apart from the obvious difference between the Micro and FTW, the FTW has more USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, USB 3.1 Gen 2, and more DIMM Slots….M.2 slots… PCIe x1 slots. Z370 FTW has even more features. FTW has an onboard buzzer- something that not a lot of mainstream motherboard makers do. These are not yet launched and I did request if EVGA could send their motherboard for a review. Let’s see how it goes from here.

Its good EVGA is not overflooding the motherboard market in one-shot. Getting an Intel Coffee lake CPU seems to be a bigger challenge for now. Judging by the paper specs, they seem to have understood the requirements of most of the mainstream and incorporated them with their respected and rememberable naming structure. To know more, you can check these out!

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