EVGA’s RMA system requires owners to register GPUs

EVGA requires registration of new graphics cards with 30 days to avail three-year warranty from purchase date

EVGA has made changes concerning RMA procedure for its graphics cards. Earlier, an end user can simply RMA the card if and when they require it. An original owner or the secondary owner, it didn’t matter as long as the original owner’s invoice is shown. However, EVGA requires you to register the graphics card within 30 days of purchase before you can place an RMA for it.

Many would assume this is because of the miners. While some claim this would affect secondary users. Earlier, it wouldn’t matter as long as the product is within terms and conditions. Now, once you register a graphics card in your name with address, phone number and email, EVGA identifies you as the original owner. The product needs to be registered within 30 days of purchase, or else the warranty period will be limited to three-years from the date of shipment and not the date of invoice. As an original user, you still have to show the purchase invoice, else the warranty period will be calculated from shipping date.

Support for second-hand users still available

It might not be as bad as it sounds. EVGA mentions support for second-hand users. But the warranty period for such users is three years from shipping date. The shipping date can only be found via serial number where it can be shown by EVGA. Still, it is best to keep the original owner’s invoice handy.

How other brands encourage product registration?

ZOTAC gives an incentive to register by giving additional two years warranty post registration. ZOTAC is doing this for a long time, and therefore it makes me think EVGA’s move might not be connected with crypto-miners. In total, ZOTAC gives 3+2 years warranty post registration in many countries.

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