Evidson Audio Sport W6 IEM Review

About Evidson and its ‘Audio Sport’ W6 IEM…

Evidson Audio is a relatively new company that is headquartered in India. The earphones are made in China but the company is run by a bunch of audio enthusiasts so they would have carefully chosen what earphones to launch in India. The earphones on review today are their flagship earphones – The Audio Sport W6. However, at approx $15 or Rs 1,000/-, they are pretty affordable.

A lot of manufacturers are launching so-called sports earphones which are supposed to stay put during periods of activity like walking or jogging or going to the gym. This earphone isn’t water resistant but I have used it while sweating and I faced no issues.

The specs and features are as follows:


  • Over the ear
  • Ergonomically designed for sport
  • Crisp smooth and accurate sound reproduction
  • Available in 3 different colours


  • Rated Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Frequency Range: 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 118 dB at 1 mW
  • Rated Input Power: 10 mW
  • Cable: 1.3 m Y-Cord
  • Plug: 3.5 mm, Gold plated

Included Accessories:

  • Silicone ear tips S / M / L / XL / XXL
  • 1 Set Bi-Flange Silicone Ear Tips
  • 1 Set Tri-Flange Silicone Ear Tips
  • Instruction Manual

The box claimed to include a storage pouch but unfortunately, there is nothing like that in the box. I guess the pouch was omitted from the final product but it was too late to change the packaging. Hopefully, Evidson can either include a small pouch in future or remove the misleading text from the packaging.

The build quality seems very good and for the price doesn’t seem cheap one bit. In fact, if told this is a 2.5k earphone I wouldn’t have been suspicious.

Sound Quality

If I have to describe the sound of the Evidson Audio Sport W6 in one word it would be ‘neutral’. Nothing really stands out. The bass is decent, the mids are decent and the treble while slightly rolled off is still pretty good.

And while I may not be saying all this with much enthusiasm a neutral sound is what most high-end audio strives to portray. So in that regard, Evidson has done a good job in making something at the low budget end of the audio spectrum very neutral. This means it sounds good with practically any genre of music you throw at it.

The Evidson Audio Sport W6 can belt out some decent bass. The W6 can deliver some sub-bass which is good but bassheads will not be satisfied. There is sufficient midbass to portray an adequate bass response. If you so desire you can eq the bass a bit to add some more punch and the drivers are more than capable to accept the boosted signal without much in the way of distortion. The low sub bass can make some bass heavy tracks feel a bit off.

The earphones have a very decent mid-range with decent crisp vocals. Both male and female voices are portrayed adequately by the Audio Sport W6.

The Audio Sport W6 has slightly rolled off treble. The treble can be EQed for some more detailing. The soundstage and imaging are average and not a focus of the earphone.

These earphones can be pushed pretty hard. I connected them to my headphone amp and turned up the volume and the lack of distortion shows that the drivers are pretty capable.


If you have read through the review you will find that the Audio Sport W6 is a very all rounded earphone with no real weakness but on the other hand doesn’t have any real stand out points either.

They are pretty well-rounded earphones that work fine with a lot of music but the lack of good sub-bass means that a lot of today’s artificially boosted bass music will sound a little off.

For those that listen to a little older music, however, will find these just fine.

And the drivers are pretty capable of being pushed a bit with EQ so you can tweak the earphones to a degree to suit your taste of music. Lastly, the build quality is pretty good and it comes with a built-in mic and controls for your mobile phone which is great at this price point.

I can recommend these to anyone looking for a neutral pair of earphones without breaking the bank. For those who want lots of bass, I would suggest you look elsewhere like the Brainwavz Xfit-200 that we reviewed earlier.



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